Corsair Neutron NX500 NVMe SSD Review (400GB)


What’s cookin’ good lookin’? Boy, isn’t the Corsair NX500 sleek and stylish? With its carbon fiber finish, we are sure it will turn heads. All it needs now is some RGB LEDs to really set it off and match it to all the new RGB components in production, or would that be pushing it? That said, let’s get back on track.

While you know we really like its looks, it has come to that part of the report at which we analyze the performance data we took over the course of testing. Just how well did the new Corsair NX500 do? Did it kick everyone else’s butt? Did it put shame to its “older” brother, the MP500? Well….not quite. Over the course of testing, it pretty much performed the same as the MP500, just how we expected it to, honestly. There is only so much performance one can get out of the Phison E7. Expecting anything more than what we have seen would really be naive of us, to say the least. With greater provisioning, the NX500 was, however, able to outperform every other Phison E7 powered SSD out there during PCMark 8’s extended test, most apparently in the degradation and steady state phases. In addition to this, it has enabled greater endurance as well.

Corsair NX500 400GB

But, of course, you can’t always have your cake and eat it too. As you should know, while over provisioning does have its pros, the big con is the loss of end user allocated space. At just 400GB, or 372GB as shown in Windows once formatted, the NX500, just as the Intel 750, ranks low in value per GB. Furthermore, with no significant performance increase, as seen in our multiple benchmark results, it is hard to quantify performance as a value proposition for this over other E7 SSDs.

What we can say, on the other hand, is that this drive definitely has its place in the market thanks to its combination of both looks and performance. Looking for good heavy workload performance and want it to keep cool under your bombardment of data manipulation? Need higher endurance than other NVMe SSDs? Want a sweet looking carbon fiber covered SSD to show off to your friends? The Corsair NX500 offers a good mix of all the above. Oh, and it carries a 5-year warranty to sweeten the deal.

Corsair NX500 Main

Considering the current competitors and pricing of said competitors, one can easily see that there is a cosmetic tax associated with the Corsair NX500, just as there is with the Intel 750, (or in Intel’s case it is really just an Intel brand tax). The beautiful carbon wrapped heat sink demands a premium price tag over say, the Samsung 960 Pro, which is a heat sink-less M.2 design. It’s blacked out style is not for the faint of wallet, but, it is for sure one of our favorite designed SSDs. Therefore, we are awarding it our Editor’s Choice. Sometimes it’s not about being the cheapest price or being the best in performance, sometimes looks go a long way too.

Editors Choice-SSD copy Opt

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The Corsair NX500 is the latest addition to Corsair's SSD product list. It is an enthusiast class NVMe SSD that performs well and looks sweet. Although capacity is a bit low compared to similar SSDs without such high factory over provisioning, it gives the NX500 better heavy workload performance and greater endurance. And just like any other enthusiast class SSD, it features a 5-year warranty....just like we feel the MP500 should have.

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