Acer Aspire S7 Touch Screen Ultrabook Review – World’s Fastest Ultrabook Intros New SSD Form Factor


Perhaps the biggest downfall of the Acer S7, as a Canadian, is the lack of choice in keyboard selection.  Canadian sold systems and keyboards are different in key shape and placement and, as well, our keyboard has multi-lingual functionality and becomes very confusing to most.  This has sent me worldwide in search of the right systems with a standard US keyboard, however, our shipped S7 sample was not so fortunate.

S7 KeyBoardS7 BacklitThe Acer S7 has a short stroke Island style keyboard with a centered and wide trackpad.  The keyboard is backlit and electroluminescent which means it wil not only turn on and off by itself, but also, it will adjust the keyboard brightness according to the exterior lighting.


On the left side of the S7, we have the DC port, mini-HDMI, headphone plug in as well as the on/off switch.  You have no idea how this switch eluded me when I first started looking around the system.  One gets so used to it being right there in front of you.  This also becomes one of the biggest concerns and thoughts for improvement on the S7 as we have inadvertently hit this button, shutting down the system while handling it, several times now.

S7 Left Ports

 On the right side we have a Kensington lock port, two USB 3.0 ports as well as the SD card slot, something we seem to be finding less and less in ultras these days.

S7 Right Ports


Looking at the back, we see the vents for cooling and this is probably going to be the biggest downfall for some ultra lovers.  As much as we are always hoping that we can do away with fan cooling in ultras, it simply isn’t possible as todays ultras are just that much more powerful than we saw of much larger desktop systems of only yesterday.


The S7 is no different running the most powerful processor money can buy right beside the highest performing storage sub-system we have ever seen in a laptop.  The end result is almost steady fan use that adds a bit to the system noise, provides a bit of heat while on your lap and inevitably lowers battery life to a degree.

S7 Open ChassisM

In the Acer S7, two fans do the job of pulling the cool air in from one vent, and pushing the hot air out the other.