Samsung 840 Pro SSDs now RAPID Compatible and Benched at 1GB/s Speeds – Samsung Magician Free Download

On release of the Samsung 840 EVO SSD earlier this year, Samsung introduced a new ‘caching’ technology called RAPID Mode, a technology that could increase Samsung EVO SSD transfer speeds up to 1.2GB/s with absolutely AMAZING low 4K random write speeds as well.  RAPID Mode could be enabled through the free download of Samsung’s SSD Magician and the initial release was disappointing to many 840 Pro SSD owners as RAPID was only compatible with the Samsung 840 EVO SSD.  Our review of the 840 EVO was very impressive with RAPID Mode benchmark results as high as 1.1GB/s and transfer speed testing of ISO, program and game files in under 3 seconds.


Earlier this morning, Samsung released information of their new 1TB 840 EVO mSATA SSD, an SSD with many firsts such as it being the first mSATA SSD that Samsung has made available to the consumer, the first capable of 1TB in storage, and the first capable of over 1GB/s speeds through RAPID Mode.

Samsung-Introduces-Industry’s-First-1-Terabyte-mSATA-SSD_02Hidden away in this ‘Samsung Tomorrow‘ posting, was this line confirming that Samsung RAPID Mode is fully compatible with the 840 Pro SSD lineup, “Samsung also applied Samsung Magician 4.3 and the RAPID mode on its previous 840 Pro SSD line-up”.  We quickly downloaded the latest release of Samsung Magician software and checked out it’s compatibility:


Fortunately, our main system is running Samsung 840 Pro SSDs for both the main and backup drive so we started the new version of Samsung Magician software and immediately learned that the SSD firmware was out of date.  Seamless firmware updates followed as well as the activation of RAPID mode on our Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSD that we had reviewed some time ago.


This was followed by some rather impressive testing with both Crystal DiskMark and AS SSD:

840 Pro RAPID Bench Crystal DiskMark

These are impressive numbers by any standards and we should mention that they are similar to our other Test Bench, a system which has been running the original Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SSD since it’s review several months ago.

840 Pro RAPID Bench840 Pro RAPID Bench IOPSEven through AS SSD which is the workhorse of SSD synthetic testing, the Samsung 840 Pro SSD in RAPID Mode displayed excellent performance  The only hitch we experience was the second result shown here in our Copy bench testing:

840 Pro RAPID Bench Copy Bench

To ensure the compatibility of the Samsung 840 Pro SSD with RAPID, our main system will remain as it is and any pertinent changes will be appended to this report.  If you would like to see a number of opinions and further benchmark results, check out this thread over at Overclock.

Samsung also applied Samsung Magician 4.3 and the RAPID mode on its previous 840 PRO SSD line-up. – See more at: