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Corsair Force Series LS 240GB SSD Review – Phison Controller Displays Increased Write Speeds

When it comes to SSD controllers, up until recent times LSI/SandForce and Marvell have pretty much “ruled the roost”.    Other than a few instances of utilizing proprietary controllers (such as Samsung does in most of their SSDs), and a smaller player in Indilinx (acquired by OCZ),  there were no other options for manufacturers to engineer a new SSD with.  That has …

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Corsair Releases New Force Series LS Line Of SSDs

Corsair, a global producer of high-performance PC hardware components, is annoucning the release of their new Force Series LS solid-state drives (SSDs).  The Force Series LS line of SSDs offer consumers and users a more economical means to upgrade a desktop PC or notebook to the proven speed and reliability of an SSD. The Force Series LS SSDs utilize a …

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MyDigitalSSD BP4 Slim 7 Series SSD Review (240GB)

A week or so ago, we published a review of the MyDigital BP4 that was ‘ a wolf in sheeps clothing’ in a way as it was a 120GB SSD with an exterior label claiming to be 240GB. After posting the review, MyDigitalSSD called and insisted on sending the REAL 240GB BP4, claiming that it’s performance would be something to …

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