Green House Announces Phison-Powered GH-SSD32C SSD For Asian Market

Green House, an environmentally-conscious Japanese producer of high-quality and cost-effective consumer electronics products, is announcing its latest SATA 6.0GB/s solid-state drive, designated as the GH-SSD32C.  The GH-SSD32C will feature MLC NAND flash memory managed by a Phison PS3108-S8 controller.

gh-ssd32c hi res clear background

The GH-SSD32C comes in the standard 2.5″ x 7mm form factor, making it compatible with both desktop and notebook/laptop PCs.  It will be offered in capacity points of 60GB, 120GB, 240GB and 480GB.  Power consumption is stated at 800mA for the 60GB version, 860mA for the 120GB, 930mA for the 240GB and 980mA for the 480GB model.  Mean time between failures (MTBF) is stated as 1,000,000 hours.

Green House SSD capacity points

Green House’s latest SSD utilizes Phison’s PS3108-S8 NAND controller.  This is an 8-channel controller that features BCH ECC error correction, Phison’s proprietary SmartRefresh/SmartFlush and GuaranteedFlush capabilities, and support for AES encryption.  It supports up to 1TB of NAND, as well as DEVSLP (device sleep) mode.

Green House Phison controller

As far as performance, the GH-SSD32C SSDs achieve sequential read speeds of (up to) 520 MB/s.  Sequential write speeds vary by capacity with the 60GB version achieving (up to) 100MB/s, the 120GB achieving (up to) 210MB/s, the 240GB achieving (up to) 470MB/s, and the 480GB model coming in at (up to) 500MB/s.

Green House SSD line drawing

Green House is backing the GH-SSD32C with a three-year warranty, with availability anticipated for mid-September.  Pricing has not yet been announced.  You can view the Green House product page for the GH-SSD32C here (product page is in Japanese/Chinese only).

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