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Hitachi Data Systems Announces New SSD Controller As Enterprise Storage Leads The Industry – FMS 2012 Update

Hitachi Data Systems, well known for their high performance storage solutions, has stated their intent to bring a new, high performance SSD controller to market. This appears to be a completely homegrown design, and not a result of its joint venture with Intel. Also announced was their new VSP (Virtual Storage Platform) solution, which will enable enterprise customers to achieve …

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Toshiba Enters Consumer HDD Market As WD/Hitachi Merger Hangs In The Balance

A little over two months ago, Seagate completed its acquisition of Samsung’s hard drive division, leaving only three major players in the magnetic storage industry. Actually, not quite three, as Toshiba remained as well. The problem was that this veritable “David” wasn’t actually in any position to take on what were the three remaining “Goliaths” of this industry. The reality …

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Hitachi Releases Ultrastar SSD400S.B Enterprise SSD Introducing Intel 25nm SLC NAND

Hitachi has announced the release of their Ultrastar SSD400S.B Series of enterprise SSDs, these SSDs being the first to employ 25nm SLC NAND flash memory ensuring ultra-high performance and endurance.  The SSD400S.B features the 6GB/s SAS interface and is available in capacities of 100GB, 200GB, and 400GB. Specifications detail performance at 536MB/s read and 502MB/s write (64K sequential) with random …

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And Then There Were Three – Seagate Completes Acquisition Of Samsung’s Hard Drive Division

Seagate has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Samsung’s hard drive division. The transaction will go through for $1.4 billion. By gaining Samsung’s assets, Seagate will be sitting pretty in the HDD industry with a 40 percent market share. In 2010, Seagate sold 195.2 million units while Samsung let go of around 66 million units. Included in the …

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