RAIDon HyBrid RunneR: Real World Testing

Real World Usage

There is a bit of confusing data here. The device benchmarks, so far, show extremely great gains when compared to a HDD used alone. The acceleration over the typical HDD is quite impressive yet it still lacks behind the performance if you were to use the SSD alone.

Occasioonally synthetic benchmarks can be a bit misleading. The area where the HyBrid RunneR is falling behind is in the higher range of small 4k file access.

We will set out to see if there are any real world differences in the usage of this in a very demanding test. Here we test the speed of loading different maps in the game Crysis.

Crysis is unique in that it has very large maps, and streams large amounts of data from your storage solution during map loads. This is a good indicator of loading performance between setups, as the game loads equate directly to the speed of the storage device that you are using.

In this testing, the measurement is in seconds, and lower is better.  As you can see by looking across the different levels that were loaded, the SSD Alone, and the SSD/HDD (represented as “RunneR”) score virtually the same. They both easily outperform the HDD by a large amount, but even the differences that we have seen in previous pages of benchmarks have little impact upon the real world performance of the device.  As you can see, the device performs extremely well, and on par with the performance of the single SSD connected directly to the computer.

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