RAIDon HyBrid RunneR: IOmeter & WIN7 WEI

IOmeter 2008

We ran some IOmeter configurations to test several access patterns on the device. Again, we are looking to compare the differences of the different setups.

The Sequential 64mb test is to measure the overall speed with large files, and the 32mb test is to test with medium file sets. As you can see the SSD Alone still shows more performance, but the SSD/HDD combo with the RunneR is still much quicker than the HDD alone.

The 4k Random QD 32 is a test of the performance of the small file random access under high load. This is your hardest access type for any storage device. The SSD/HDD still falls far below the SSD Alone, yet there are still very good gains compared to the HDD, which scored a paltry 1.45 MB/s~!

The 4k Random QD 1 is a test of a more common access type that a typical user will run into in day to day tasks. Here you can see that the HDD isn’t even on the map at speeds of .63 MB/s! The SSD/HDD combo perform exceptionally well in this sweet spot, and come very close to the same performance as the SSD Alone score of 30 MB/s.

A click will bring the graph to full size.

WIN7 Experience Index

The Win7 Experience Index (WEI) represents Microsofts method of rating computer systems and, more specific to our usage, provides a storage evaluation through a graduated rating system up to 7.9 on PC components and the system as a whole.

This benchmark is built into Windows and anyone can use it by simply typing:

  • Go to Win Orb/All programs/Accessories and right click on the Command prompt;
  • Click Run as Administrator
  • In DOS, type winsat disk and hit enter.

We can see clearly that the Single HDD performance is very low. Sequential is 92 MB/s, and the total run time is 1 min 49 seconds.

With the SSD inserted into the device the Sequential performance increases to 133 MB/s, and the run time of the test is 1 min 22 sec, a 35% improvement.

With the SSD alone connected directly to the computer, the Sequential is 267 MB/s and the test takes 1 min 3 seconds.

Single HDD Performance


SSD Installed Performance


SSD Alone Performance



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