RAIDon HyBrid RunneR: Installation

As we can see, installation is just as simple as any CD-ROM device; simply slide it into your drive bay and then tighten it into position. It is then as simple as installing a SATA data cable and then connecting power to the device.

blankThe device fits snugly and perfectly into a standard 5.25 inch drive bay. Now, I know that the color doesn’t match the computer for which it is installed, but it should give you an idea of the looks of the device once installed. I installed it on this computer to show a typical installation scenario. Testing was conducted on the test bench.


blankThis is the Test Bench and a quick click will display it close up.  As you may have guessed, it truly is no ordinary Test Bench, and I have dedicated many many hours creating this build, which has been used in many benchmarking excursions and extreme overclocking sessions. She has even set a few HWBot world records along the way!







Our main focal point in this report will be the InTANK Series HyBrid RunneR, and the two devices that we used to test it.   To the left, a 256 GB C300, graciously donated by Crucial/Micron for testing purposes, and to the right, a Western Digital  WD6400AAKS 640 gb 7200 rpm drive.

System Configuration

CPU: Intel i7-920 DO @ 4.46 Ghz

MOTHERBOARD: EVGA E760 Classified Motherboard

RAM: 6 GB EK-Watercooled Corsair Dominators 2000MHz CL8 kit. 7-8-7-24@1700


POWER: ST1500 Fully Modular 1500 Watt Power Supply 1500W (Peak 1600W) 12v1320W/110A (Peak 120A)combined+3.3 5v  280W

CHASSIS: Danger Den Torture Rack

CPU COOLER:  HeatKiller 3.0

WATER SYSTEM: Two KMP-400 w/reservoirs in a Parallel loop with Bitspower reservoir, two MCR320-QP rads, and 1 BIPS 240 rad. Areca 1880IX-12, EK Ram Block, EK Fullboard Mobo Block on Loop 1.  Loop 2- CPU only.  Loop 3- MCP-655 and Honda Radiator on dual GPUs.

STORAGE:  1 256 GB C300, and 1 640 GB Western Digital Caviar

ENCLOSURE: ARC-4036 6gb/s JBOD, provided by Areca for our test bench.

Benchmark Software

We will be using Iometer, and ATTO, along with the standard Windows Experience Index Winsat testing. We will also be using some game and operating system load times as reference for real world performance scenarios.



Page 1-Introduction

Page 2-Installation

Page 3-Configuration

Page 4-ATTO

Page 5-IOmeter & WIN7 WEI

Page 6-Real World Testing

Page 7-OS Load Times and Final Thoughts

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