Newer Technology Guardian MAXimus Mini Portable RAID Review


One of the greatest things about this device is the impressive functionality that it packs into such a small package. The image below shows the device in comparison to a Logitech G5 mouse.

Portability is becoming key as more and more users are flocking to portable devices. A glaring issue with these types of devices is that they typically do not pack much storage “Punch”. They simply lack the large capacity that is sometimes needed.

Users with large files especially can appreciate this type of device. Most people today still do intensive tasks such as picture, audio, and video editing on their PC. Then this creates the issue of getting that content to the other devices that the user owns. This device is perfect for this type of application.

Another area that this type of device will do exceedingly well is in the enterprise/business sector.

The ability to use this device without external power is an important feature, and one that simply cannot be overlooked. Offering this type of capacity with plug and play capability is a great prospect for the end user.

The device without any drives retails for $115 with the software bundle. There are several configurations that the unit can be purchased with, with both HDDs and SSDs of varying capacities.

This bundle includes Prosoft Engineering Data Backup 3, NovaStor NovaBACKUP, Intech SpeedTools Utilities, and Carbon Copy Cloner.

This is a great bundle with value of over $200, if bought separately. As they say “Hardware gets the customer, Software keeps the customer.”

Apparently Newer Technology took this to heart, and they threw in an impressive amount of software. Pairing this software with a great device makes this a win-win for anyone who chooses to purchase the Guardian MAXimus Mini!

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