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BiTMICRO Announces 400,000 IOP SSD Controller!

Full Speed Ahead with the Integration of BiTMICROs Next Generation of Solid State Drive Controllers BiTMICRO has announced a new line of SSD controllers that will enable capacities up to 5TB of capacity per SSD, and an amazing 400,000 IOPs per device. Utilizing a multi-core SSD controller integrated with multiple embedded processors, this will allow some stunning performance from a …

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Phase Change Memory (PCM) Explored as NAND Replacement in SSDs

TechTarget put out an interesting read on new technologies that will either supplement, or replace, flash memory. Long under development with some iterations of SSDs as soon as the late 70’s, these types of accelerated storage solutions can take quite some time to develop. One could say that the glacial pace of advances is about as fast as an HDD….however, …

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Versant and Kove Partnership Announcement

Versant and Kove recently announced their strategic partnership and stated that moving forward will benefit both companies as well as their customers. We held a phone interview with Robert Greene, the Vice President of Technology at Versant, and Jim Hetherington, Director of Business Development at Kove, to flesh out some of the advantages of this new strategic partnership. IDC predicts …

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LSI Accelerating Innovation Summit – 12Gb/s Revealed

Today at the LSI Accelerating Innovation Summit we were pleased to witness the unveiling of the first working silicon featuring the new 12Gb/s specification. Utilizing the new SAS expander IC, LSI was able to demonstrate speeds in excess of 1 million IOPS from a one adapter solution. The new controller series, featuring the 12Gb/s LSI ROC, makes its debut in …

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LSI Accelerating Innovation Summit: SandForce Pairs With Toshiba 24nm NAND Flash Memory

While at the LSI Accelerating Innovation Summit this week, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to spend a little time with SandForce. Their display showcased the combination of the SF-2000 series processor with Toshiba’s newest 24nm NAND flash memory, thus pushing the SSD fold just a bit further.  The inclusion of Toshiba TH58TEG8D2HBA8C memory in consumer SSDs means lower prices and, …

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Micron mSATA SSD and MLC PCIe Card Visible on Micron SSD RoadMap

Our featured shot displays the new Micron mSATA 6Gbps prototype which just may be seen in new release laptops and net books early next year. Of course it features Micron NAND flash memory and would also contain the newly updated Marvell controller which would make this SSD one powerful piece of hardware. The shot was released at the recent Needham …

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