LSI Accelerating Innovation Summit: SandForce Pairs With Toshiba 24nm NAND Flash Memory

While at the LSI Accelerating Innovation Summit this week, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to spend a little time with SandForce.

Their display showcased the combination of the SF-2000 series processor with Toshiba’s newest 24nm NAND flash memory, thus pushing the SSD fold just a bit further.  The inclusion of Toshiba TH58TEG8D2HBA8C memory in consumer SSDs means lower prices and, if this is follows Toshiba’s present offering, superior performance in consumer SSDs.

We had a bit of trouble with the presentation initially as it didn’t show off the SandForce processor and we wanted a bit of a look at the NAND flash memory itself.

A quick distraction of SandForce representatives and use of our handy dandy mini tool and we believe the end result to be a more fitting representative for our readers.

blankblankThe processor you are looking at is actually the SF-2000 series with the original prototype designation stamped on the face.   Truth be told, our time with SandForce was once again much enjoyed and there certainly was was no disassembly of their product without appropriate permissions being obtained.

blankLeft to right we see Kent Smith, Marketing Director, Michael Raam, SandForce President and CEO and Monika Kloudova (better known as Employee # 20), Marketing Communications Manager.  This same picture taken this time next year is sure to have that LSI insignia on those shirts as well.


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    I just wonder how bad of a hit we’ll take in random writes with this shrink. The hit wasn’t too terrible re the 34nm to 25nm transition but was a hit nonetheless. I was gonna wait till after xmas to add a pair of V3 120gb MIs to my fresh sandy bridge upgrade/build but with 24nm toggle lurking so close I’m not going to wait til next year and chance getting caught out when they do transition. I almost got caught slippin back when 34nm nand started getting scarce.

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