BiTMICRO Announces 400,000 IOP SSD Controller!

Full Speed Ahead with the Integration of BiTMICROs Next Generation of Solid State Drive Controllers

BiTMICRO has announced a new line of SSD controllers that will enable capacities up to 5TB of capacity per SSD, and an amazing 400,000 IOPs per device. Utilizing a multi-core SSD controller integrated with multiple embedded processors, this will allow some stunning performance from a single device.

The new controller takes advantage of SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel, and PCIe buses, which enables uses in a wide range of scenarios.

Of note here is the highly scalable architecture utilizing a series of expanders to control the device. Evolution of these types of onboard expanders will allow higher parallelism utilization in devices, and reap huge performance gains.

Heralding an exciting amount of performance from a single device, these enterprise class devices tend to pioneer technologies that filter down to the consumer realm in time.

The pace of SSD innovation continues unabated, the first iterations of these controllers will be seen within the first half of 2012!

The press release follows…

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