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Win an Intel i7-975 Extreme Processor At The SSD Review!!

Right on the heels of our amazing news regarding Intels upcoming release of the Intel ‘SandForce Driven’ SSD, capable of parallel 500MB/s transfer speeds,  The SSD Review is hosting the largest site giveaway we have seen yet on the Internet!! Its no trick!!!  On April 1/2011, we are going to draw from all eligible ballots and some lucky winner is …

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Pushing The Limits Of SSD Storage at 2.4GB/s

A few months ago someone mentioned that setting up additional RAID configurations was not possible with an OCZ REVO drive installed.  It brought forward an interesting idea that we finally have had a chance to play with as we like to retain SSDs in order to include them in future testing.  This article displays the Gigabyte P67A-UD7 motherboard running 3 …

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Join The SSD Review and WIN BIG!!!!

WHY HAVENT YOU JOINED?!? We understand why members aren’t telling their friends but the truth is that the chances to win one of our giveaways are incredible!!! The first draw, a 64GB Crucial C300 was was drawn amongst a site membership of 153. This draw is much the same and, if you read the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro Rules, you …

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RunCore ProV 240GB SSD Review – PCB Composition & Test Protocol

PCB COMPOSITION The circuit board of the RunCore ProV 240GB SSD contains the SandForce SF-1200 (SF-1222TA3-SBH) processor which makes this SSD scream.  RunCore couldn’t provide us with any information with respect to a recent refresh or firmware update to the line but, as you will see in testing, this drive is a racehorse just before the gate is lifted. There …

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The SSD Review @ CES – Day One Summary

Its about 7:30am and the start of Day 2 at CES and I am sitting in the room with very little sleep. For anyone who has never experienced CES or even Las vegas previously, much like I, there is simply no way to describe it. We began yesterday bright and early with registration at CES followed by our attendance at Storage …

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