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We understand why members aren’t telling their friends but the truth is that the chances to win one of our giveaways are incredible!!!

The first draw, a 64GB Crucial C300 was was drawn amongst a site membership of 153.

This draw is much the same and, if you read the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro Rules, you will soon see that you can add extra chances in any number of ways. A big thanks to Other World Computing for taking the reigns on this draw!!

If we still draw this SSD with under 250 and you have earned yourself 5-6 extra ballots, do you realize what the chances have now become?


Can we keep this up? Check here!!!! Fractal Design just couldn’t resist jumping in to offer one of their amazing chassis for our next draw!!!

And then after that.. How much do you think our featured pik is worth A brand spanking new Intel i7-975 Extreme Processor valued at around $1000. Has a site had such a draw???

There are a few things you need to know though! Just joining isn’t enough.

You must be a contributing member and then the doors to earning extra chances are wide open. Twitter, Facebook, introduce friends, post great information and more.

Join The SSD Review and meet great people, people that know solid state drives. Take part in the community and become part of our family.



  1. sounds great

  2. Liked the review of the new Intel SSD

  3. Nice clean site, good reviews!

  4. Great site. Look forward to reading up on what will be the standard in storage.

  5. This is fantastic…I’ve gained so much knowledge about my new SSD from browsing this site anonymously. Thanks!

    P.S. I hope I win…

  6. great giveaway..

    hope to win..

  7. thanks of offering..

    count me..

  8. Sounds great! I’d love to get that i975 CPU… 🙂

  9. Nice giveaway!

  10. keeping up with SSD Review on Facebook:

  11. Awesome!! Love the new site! Winning would make it even better! Haha

  12. I would be interested to see some benchmarks from the Intel Elmcrest SSD

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