Win an Intel i7-975 Extreme Processor At The SSD Review!!

Right on the heels of our amazing news regarding Intels upcoming release of the Intel ‘SandForce Driven’ SSD, capable of parallel 500MB/s transfer speeds,  The SSD Review is hosting the largest site giveaway we have seen yet on the Internet!!

Its no trick!!!  On April 1/2011, we are going to draw from all eligible ballots and some lucky winner is going to win a BRAND NEW Intel i7-975 Extreme Processor valued at over $1000.

This is an absolutely free draw where one only need to be a forum member to win but read carefully!!!!!  Each person has the opportunity to increase their chances significantly!!!  Be the third person to win BIG at the SSD Review as our previous draws have seen Crucial C300 and OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSDs awarded.


The SSD Review has invested heavily in great forums, upgraded servers and we have some of the top expertise around with respect to computing, SSD and storage expertise.  In the near future we will hope to be breaking world records in storage speeds with the new LSI 9265-8i capable of 3.2GB/s transfer speeds, and we also hope to be building and testing an amazing enthusiast computer where each component will be selected and voted on by the forum community!

Hmmm….  Intel/Sandforce news, world record storage speeds, and building a world class consumer enthusiast system with no holds barred?  On top of that, join and meet our forum members who’s expertise includes years of technology experience, many who are present and former moderators, Editors and owners of other technology sites!!

Does this sound like a great community!  Just think, any SSD question you may have can be answered by the expertise here!  Having an install problem?  Start a post in our Priority Support Thread!  Its all here!  Our sole purpose in this draw is to show you what a great place our forums are and invite you to make it a regular place for you to visit.


1. This contest is open to registered members of  The SSD Review Forums worldwide.

2. In order to be eligible for the draw, one must register on The SSD Review Forums and become an active member in the forum community between now and 1 Apr 2011.  By active we dont mean that you have to submit 25 forum posts a day, however, a single post of Hi! just wont cut it. We know there is alot of expertise out there and, even for those new to SSDs, your question is probably the same held by many others.

3.  This draw is open to current members who are active in the threads during the draw period. A current standing member will not be eligible if he hasnt posted to the site previously or at least once within the contest eligibility period.

4.  To win the contest, the selected site member must correctly answer a skill testing question only when informed that he/she has won and the question is presented in an e-mail.


1.  Participation is key!  A site member will earn their opportunity to win for being a member of the site and active within the contest period and then earn another chance for ever five active posts during the contest period thereafter.  We have to give fair warning though that spam posts will result in elimination from the draw.

2.  Post our contest and site on another forum or site and earn a chance for each link posted.  Post the link in the contest forum and, for each link that results in traffic, the poster will earn one more ballot.

3.  Are you on Facebook?  Post our contest on your Facebook page and earn a ballot for simply posting us!  Make sure you let us know!

4.  Sponsor a new member!  Introduce a new member to our forums and when they post in our contest thread and thank you for showing them the site, you earn ballots, 3 in fact for each new member!

5.  Follow us on Twitter and retweet! Follow us on twitter at and for every five tweets you forward on to friends, you gain another entry.  Ensure that you let us know your twitter name so we can give you credit and max ballots for this is 2 per week which would be 10 tweets.

6.  Submit an article or review for post.  We are always looking for valuable contributions on the site and this is an excellent opportunity to try your hand as a contributor.  Who knows…Maybe next year you will be in CES with us?   The contest is open to reviews or articles on SSD related technology and, if we elect to print one on the site side, you earn 20 ballots.  The only condition is that once the article is submitted, it becomes the sole property of the SSD Review and may not published elsewhere without our permission.


EDIT:  If you want to know your odds, simply visit the forums at the top of this page and check the total member count at the bottom. They are pretty darn good right about now since we have less than a hundred eheh.


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