Zotac ZBox PI320 Mini-PC Review and Teardown – eMMC At Its Best


The Zotac ZBox Pico  PI320 mini-PC caught us off guard, to say the least.  Where it sat on my desk staring me down for some time, I found myself addicted to its workings from the second I opened the external casing.  This very small device is a full-fledged Windows 8.1 PC and has so many advantages over systems we see today.  It is compact to the point that it can be attached to the back of a monitor or television, it is completely silent, it is packed full of features we might not see in other systems, there is no visible performance lag in typical PC use because of its size, and it is priced below $200.  Presently, the PI320 is attached to the back of my mothers HD TV (plugged in via HDMI), and she (for the first time) is learning to use the internet at her own pace with the BT mouse and keyboard I put on the table beside her couch.

P1320 Outside 1

Before we set it up there, however, I spent some time and gathered some of my own thoughts regarding its operation the first of which was the ease of setup.  Just plug it in, connect your monitor, keyboard and mouse, turn it on and you are on your way.  It is that easy and this is something that we feel will be a huge benefit in the PI320’s success.  I spent the day on the ZBoz PI320 doing things I might normally do, to include watching a HD movie and a bit of gaming, both of which impressed.  HD movies run flawlessly and gaming, well gaming might suffice for the amateur or occasional player, but the hard-core guys wouldn’t be running this very long.

Open Case

All in all, we were very impressed with the pricing, quality, features and performance of the Zotac ZBox Pico PI320 mini-PCS. It brings an element to the table that we really haven’t seen prior and, for this, we are awarding it with our Innovation Award.

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TSSDR Innovation award

Review Overview

PI320 Build
Ease of Installation

Amazing mini-PC!

The Zotac PI320 mini-PCS has all the features of a full sized PC, yet in an ultra compact form and with a price that will make it very hard to resist.

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  1. blank

    Thats a pretty fast eMMC !
    One would expect much lower speeds, considering the simplistic nature of the device.

    One thing i do woder though. Since this is passivly cooled, how low is this throttling under load ?

  2. blank

    So wait for this whit core m for 250 eu or 300 laptop whiti 5gen pentium.

  3. blank

    Attach a little 5V battery pack to this baby and you have a very portable web server or private hotspot.

  4. blank

    Great review! Just want to fix two typos:
    1. It should read “2.4Ghz WiFi” instead of “1.4Ghz WiFi”.
    2. It should read “Realtek ALC5640” instead of “Realtek ALCS640”.

  5. blank
    Jalyn The Zorua (Zukatafuto?)

    Would I be able to change the memory chips, to allow for more ram? I’m asking because they are all soldered on.

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