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Today we have the privilege of not only getting a hands on preview with the Apricorn Aegis Secure key 3z, but we can also play with it’s USB configurator USB Hub. We have opted to not duplicate information on how to configure the USB’s without the configurator, however we want you to know that it is feasible and easily accomplished. To make life easier, just use the USB hub, this is a simple and painless process.

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Ultimately, the Configurator is a great option for easy set-up of any and multiple Apricorn security USB devices. This is a great option for those who want more control on how their device is set up, along with controlling multiple USB devices. Any organization providing USB flash drives to their employees should have this device.

The device is straightforward, a powered USB hub with 10 USB 3.0 ports. Once powered and connected to your PC, simply install the software that comes included with the Hub and your on your way to configuring your first USB device.

Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3z Review (11 of 11)

Before connecting your first device, create a master profile. Give it a name, set yours admin, user and recovery pins, set auto-lock timing, the number of bruce force attempts, self-destruct pin, and even set the formatting and add some files. You’re completely in control of how you want these USB’s set up.

Apricorn Configurator Software 4

Once completed, move over to the “Configure Devices” tab. Plug in your drives and pick your master profile. After selecting the drives, ensure your settings are correct and apply them to the USB drives.

Apricorn Configurator Software 1

In short order, you are provided with an encrypted and secure USB flash drive that matches your needs.

Apricorn Configurator Software 2

Need to adjust a master profile? Head over to the “Manage Profiles” tab and adjust those pins and settings.

Apricorn Configurator Software 3

Have you forgotten the pins? Or did you set it to ‘auto’ and you don’t know what the pins are? Go to the Query Database, retrieve the device profile and get what you need.

Apricorn Configurator Software 5

Now for a bit of testing…

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Security Mogul!

The Apricorn Aegis 3z Secure Key & Configurator are the perfect companion to any business that requires mobile storage of sensitive information! Highly recommended! Just opt for the higher capacities to get more bang for your buck.

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