Super Talent USB 3.0 SuperCrypt Flash Drive Review – SSD in Disguise

It almost seems fitting that we would be writing a review on Halloween about a USB Flash drive that is truly an SSD in disguise. We have been back and forth with Peter Carcione, Super Talents Director of Marketing, many times in the last while and quite frankly much of what they are doing is rather amazing.

As much as we want to consider their strengths in other areas, we started to learn about the Supercrypt and other flash devices they were working on and had to take a closer look. The question we had to Peter with respect to the SuperCrypt was simply, “Iif it is built like a SSD, can it start a computer and operate like one?” The next thing we knew Super Talent had sent one and told us to go to town on our testing.

Lets consider for a moment the advance we would be seeing if this drive could mimic that of a hard drive or SSD. We could put our entire computing environment on a flash drive and carry it around in our pocket. Soon enough, we could simply plug it into any clone computer and up pops our home computer with all programs, files and data. From a schooling perspective, this could enable schools to allow students to do homework on proprietary programs by simply taking the flash drive home and plugging it into their home system.

Video rental kiosks have made their entrance but a drive this fast would make the experience all that much better. One could simply plug in their SuperCrypt and high definition or blue ray movies could be downloaded in seconds which could have time stamps before expiry. Could we take this one step further and plug it into the family van video player for those long trips?


It was refreshing to see the SuperCrypt packaged in a very simple and compact exterior and we had to laugh as we took a glance at previous SSD packaging used to ensure oem products arrived safely. Isn’t one of the biggest benefits of solid state design the fact that they are virtually indestructible? The package speaks of the speed of the USB 3.0 design, AES encryption and password program for security, guaranteed 100% compatibility and the benefits of solid state reliability.

The lid was easily opened by gentling slipping it up from its original position where hidden magnets held it secure. Inside, we found only the SuperCrypt drive and a paper informing us that the drive will work at ‘super speeds’ only after we replaced the USB Mass Storage Compliant Driver with their specific driver. It then led us to the drivers location and installation instructions on their site.


blankSuper Talent must have a keen interest in keeping their design a secret because there is just no way to get inside the SuperCrypt for a look. It glossy silver case is an attractive design and just a bit larger than a standard flash drive.




It is a bit larger than a butane lighter and is still very compact when you consider that it is an SSD. It contains a JMicron controller, 64MB cache and 8 channels of 8GB Samsung NAND flash. It also contains 128 bit AES hardware encryption.



Pg 1 “ Appearance and Specs

Pg 2 “ Setup and Benchmarks

Pg 3 “ Vantage and File Copy

Pg4 “ Final Thoughts

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    Windows 7 does not allow you to boot from an external device. This is a known issue, but there are however a few know ways around this. Note: Some spoofing required.

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