Super Talent USB 3.0 SuperCrypt – SSD in Disguise – Final Thoughts

We believed we were in the home stretch and thought it appropriate to conquer the idea that we could clone our OS onto the SuperCrypt and then boot the system from the flash drive. We understood, of course that the initial boot might be in USB 2.0 speeds but were curious as to what would occur once the Super Talent driver clicked in.

We were successful in transferring the disk image to the drive with Acronis True Image, proceeded to adjust our boot order and then…nothing. Regardless of what methods we tried, the system would just not boot from the SuperCrypt. We think it could possibly be a hitch in the way the disk is accessed even though there was no password set up on the drive. It was a bit of a let down because we had some great plans of things to try if we could get the boot complete.


We had the chance to take the Lamborghini of flash drives for a test run and that we did. A quick look around the net shows that the drive can be found for as little as $270 in the 64GB version or $229 if you check out Ebay. No doubt, this flash drive is for those who can afford the premium or for businesses that need the speed but the ideas that open up with such speed are amazing. With SATA3 and USB 3 expected to become native in motherboard design in Q1 2012, we just may see the idea of carrying around your entire computing environment, including data, as a reality. The SuperCrypt is sold in capacities from 16GB to 256GB for the same size flash drive.

We will leave you with an introduction to Peter Carcione and Super Talent through the video that they put together for the USB 3.0 SuperCrypt. A quick check of their Official Super Talent channel on You Tube shows that Super Talent has got alot more on the go than meets the eye.


Pg 1 – Appearance and Specs

Pg 2 – Setup and Benchmarks

Pg 3 – Vantage and File Copy

Pg4 – Final Thoughts

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