Silicon Power Velox V70 240GB SSD Review


Trusting in the LSI SandForce FSP has become common place in today’s SSD arena and all but Crucial/Micron and Samsung have done so, at least in the consumer space.  In fact, the ‘LSI SandForce Driven’ program has 50 partners as of the date of this report and, by all indications, this won’t be slowing down any time soon. Lets face it, pretty much anyone entering the SSD fray is looking to SandForce as they are simply the easiest way in.

Complementing this with upper tier memory such as toggle mode, or Intel synchronous as is the case with the Velox V70, is obviously the right step forward in making an SSD capable of just about anything.  The present day division of Toshiba Toggle Mode and Intel/Micron synchronous memory almost seems to be pushing out the feasibility of companies now using asynchronous NAND flash memory as a tool of value for the consumer.

Silicon Power has listened to the market and included the third ingredient, this being a top performing SSD that is affordable.  Their initial pricing, at least at the 240GB level, follows the new line in the sand of 240/256GB SSDs being available below the $200 mark.  It almost makes us wonder what we will see them at in a few weeks.

In the Silicon Power Velox V70, we have a great build, top performance, value, standard three year warranty (although we would like to see five) and they even throw in the desktop adapter which is good to see.  Once available, we would recommend this SSD just as we would any other LSI SandForce Driven twin.

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  1. Continue loving intel, corsair and Plextor…But for my macbook pro 17″ I must use Samsung! works better…and I cannot test others…I would prefer the Plextor M3Pro but…
    I have one Corsair Force 3 GT that my macbook don’t recognize it!

  2. Unfortunately, Silicon Image have absolutely no record of supplying firmware updates for their sandforce drives.

    This means, that anyone buying a V70 right now with 5.02 firmware is likely going to be stuck with a drive that doesn’t fully operate with TRIM.

    Be warned!

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