AData S510 SATA 3 120GB SSD Review


In considering my final opinion, I decided to visit a few e-tailers to do a bit of a price comparison.  The first thing that caught my eye was that the S511 enthusiast edition was available for $190, after manufacturers rebate, a rebate which didn’t apply to the S510 and made the S510 only $6 dollars cheaper.  I don’t think there would be any question as to whether I would fork out that extra six dollars for the higher end version of the same drive, even if I didn’t need it.

My next move was to do a price comparison with the S510 brethren and found the only similar SSD of a lower price to be the Corsair Force Series 3 120GB SSD which is definitely a good thing.

AData has priced this SSD dead on considering that they have included downloadable migration software and the desktop adapter.


blankOur ‘retail packaged and sealed’ AData S510 arrived with the newly updated SandForce firmware update (320ABBFO) which has met with very positive response with the SSD crowd and I don’t know of a single complaint of SandForce SSD BSODs since its release.  Similarly, the performance of the S510 puts it right up there with the rest of the ‘new gen’ SATA 3 SSD crowd.

Last but not least comes the question of whether I would recommend the AData S510 for purchase. Overall, I find that the AData S510 SATA 3 SSD is a another of the many similar ‘SandForce Driven’ SSDs that we have seen recently but with a few extras that have to be considered.  It’s price speaks of excellent value, it comes with a desktop adapter and, quite unexpectedly, we were surprised that the kit was bundled with Acronis Software. The AData S510 gets my full recommendation!



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    Same PCB of Corsair Force GT and Force Series 3

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    I’m glad I found this review because I just bought one of these drives on an impulse without checking reviews and I wasn’t really sure if I’d made a good choice, so it’s nice to see that I actually bought a decent SSD purely by chance. 🙂

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      Yes you did and welcome to the site Martin. Don’t be afraid to become a member of our Forums if ever you need assistance or can provide such for others. We have a community of great people.

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    Hey, I set this brilliant SSD up on my new pc in IDE through my GA-Z68AP-D3. I use a HDD as a secondary drive. Do you recomend I switch through to AHCI or will it make no difference? Thanks in advance, this site is brilliant!

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      Performance is proven to be 10-15% better with AHCI, however, there is still the adage that if something isn’t broken why fix it right? Might consider a complete backup to external and then the switch unless there is nothing to lose of course…

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    I have 2 laptop computers…… a Dell 1505e…… Intel Centrino T2400 1.83gb processor ……. and a Lenovo R61e (almost new condition) with a 540 Celeron Processor …… which one would you keep for general use…. I plan on giving one to a relative …… I use for office documents etc….. Than You…… Kevin

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    Power consumption on a laptop is of a very minimal difference between SSDs and, for that reason, I don’t utilize such in my decisions. You will find what you are looking for in manufacturer website specs.

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    Anyone tried to downgrade this drive ?
    I currently have 5.0.2a firmware onboard (came with 3.3.2) and i want to downgrade back, becouse in 5.0.2a trim is broken and my speed has degraded..
    I really dont want to brick my drive, yet im not sure if adata will ever update its firmware page..

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    Still rocking this SSD with 79380GB’s reads, 50395GBs writes and 50332 hours of uptime

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