Samsung SM863 & PM863 SSD Review (960GB)


Sequential performance is measured similarly to the other two tests before. The drive is first secure erased to get it in a clean state. Next, we precondition the drive with a 128KB sequential write workload at QD32 until the drive is in a steady state. Finally, we cycle through QD1-32 for 5 minutes each for writes and then reads. All this is scripted to run with no breaks in between. The last hour of preconditioning, the average MB/s, and average latency for each QD is graphed below.

Samsung PM863 960GB 128K Write Precondition Samsung SM863 960GB 128K Write PreconditionIn the last hour of sequential preconditioning the drives show very tight consistency, but the SM863 again takes it to a new a new level. Latency only fluctuates .04ms while the PM863’s latency results fluctuate ~.2ms.

Samsung SM863 & PM863 Seq Read Samsung SM863 & PM863 Seq Read Lat

For 128KB reads we can see performance that is very similar with the PM863 actually coming out on top over the SM863 here. Both have practically the same latency results and are marginally better than the M510DC.

Samsung SM863 & PM863 Seq Write Samsung SM863 & PM863 Seq Write Lat

Again, the PM863 outshines the SM863 in 100% sequential writes. Latency results are also very similar.


  1. blank

    It’s amazing that last year a slower 4TB drive went for $4,000, now for $2,200 you can do better.
    Nice thorough review btw.

  2. blank

    Does the SM863 (all capacities) support opal 2.0 out of the box?

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