Samsung SM863 & PM863 SSD Review (960GB)


In order to properly test random 4KB performance we first secure erase to get it in a clean state. Next, the drive is filled by sequentially writing to the RAW NAND capacity twice. We then precondition the drive with 4KB random writes at QD32 until the drive is in a steady state. Finally, we cycle through QD1-32 for 5 minutes each for writes and then reads. All this is scripted to run with no breaks in between. The last hour of preconditioning, the average IOPS, and average latency for each QD is graphed below.

Samsung PM863 960GB 4K Write Precondition Samsung SM863 960GB 4K Write PreconditionLooking at the preconditioning results we can see very good IOPS and latency patterns at 4KB. The PM863’s IOPS average around 20K and latency ranges only 0.3ms during the last hour. The SM863 shows much better performance with an average of just over 28K IOPS and latency fluctuating only 0.03ms! That is a 10x improvement over the PM863’s deviation!

Samsung SM863 & PM863 4K Read IOPSSamsung SM863 & PM863 4K Read Lat

Here we see the SM863having a slight lead over the PM863. These two new drives both show better performance than the 845DC EVO and Crucial M510DC.

Samsung SM863 & PM863 4K Write IOPS Samsung SM863 & PM863 4K Write Lat

Here we see the Crucial M510DC shows it’s strength in write performance over the PM863, but the SM863 still out performs it by about 5K IOPS. Both drives show great low latency results as well.


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    It’s amazing that last year a slower 4TB drive went for $4,000, now for $2,200 you can do better.
    Nice thorough review btw.

  2. blank

    Does the SM863 (all capacities) support opal 2.0 out of the box?

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