PNY XLR8 Pro 480GB SSD Review – Capacity, Price and Performance


As mentioned at the beginning of this report, our relationship with PNY is brand new and, to be quite frank, my first thought of even looking at PNY products was at the Flash Memory Summit 2012, two months ago.  From that perspective, it is great to see a company  that seems to have listened to consumer demand in their pricing model, but also, PNY is not afraid to step outside the lines in it’s customer guarantee and that plays big in our books.  PNY is the ONLY that we know of that actually provides a 3K/10K endurance guarantee that runs parallel to their warranty which, in the case of the XLR8 Pro, is five years.  Come to think of it, in fact, they are also the only to offer eMLC memory in a consumer product as we saw in the Prevail Elite review a short time ago.

When we look at the performance of the XLR8 Pro, it would be hard to overlook such things as the low 4k random write scores in synthetic testing just as hard as it would be to overlook the lightning fast transfer speeds of both AS SSD Copy Bench and PCMark Vantage, along with an incredible Total Point Score. This SSD has great performance, high capacity and the five year warranty that we should see in all SSDs at this point.

Value needs to be our next concern where we first saw it priced at $679.99 at the PNY Website.  Egad change that!!!  Don’t fret though as word is in and I am sure they will adjust accordingly.  Luckily, we did find it at an e-tailers for $459.99 which puts it under the $1/GB mark and recent checks at Amazon have it sold out.

In the end, we have decided to award the PNY XLR8 Pro SSD with our Innovation Award and, perhaps some might think that we should have done it with the Prevail Elite review simply because of the use of eMLC NAND flash memory.  PNY seems to have drawn a new line in the sand with their 3K/10K guarantees and this speaks to innovation in a big way.  Congrats PNY!

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    Nice to see PNY venturing into this market. I have a couple of their flash drives and they are solid, reliable performers time after time.

  2. blank

    plextor M5P is cheaper and faster

  3. blank

    sandforce firmware which version? 5.02 5.03? or 4

  4. blank

    it is only $240 from your link on 1st page! wow thats 0.5$/GB

    • blank

      I have seen a few price mistakes and wrong brand pricing since these have been posted and, to my knowledge, the drive advertised has always been the drive received. If you got it at that price…kudos! Sold out again!

  5. blank

    I wont buy another SSD until I see the reviews on the new BF3 from OCZ. But this review impressed me especially for the price.

  6. blank

    no single word about the encryption :/
    how is it implemented/used?

  7. blank

    Backwards compatible with SATA II?

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