PNY CS2111 XLR8 SSD Review (480GB)


For our power consumption testing, we have the drive connected to the system as a secondary drive. To record the wattage, we use an Amprobe AM-270 multimeter connected in line with the 5v power on our SATA power cable to the drive. The multimeter records the min/max amperage draw from the drive over our testing period.

We also record the drive’s sequential and random read and write power draw using Iometer. We then take the values recorded and calculate the wattage of the drive. Some of the results may seem high compared to a standard notebook HDD because as these are peak values under load. When we see average power draw, SSDs are still more power efficient because they only hit max power for a short period of time.

PNY XLR8 480GB PowerWhen it comes to our power testing we can see very good idle power consumption. At idle it consumes only 245mW, under half of the rated value of 0.5W. During startup, it peaked out at 1.7W. 4K read and write consumption is fairly low as well with it consuming under 1W for read and under 2.5W for write. Sequential reads and writes take up most of the power as there are 16 NAND packages.


PNY’s latest XLR8 is a nice step forward from yesterday’s SandForce powered SSDs; it is powered by a Silicon Motion SM2246EN and Micron L95B NAND flash memory. With this combination, the endurance rating is very high. The Samsung 850 Pro, which has a 10 year warranty, is only warrantied up to 150TB…this SSD with a 2+2 year warranty is rated for up to 600TBW which is very impressive and nice to see.

Their choice of a Silicon Motion controller has not only proven valuable in the reliability department, but in performance as well. Throughout our testing the PNY CS2111 XLR8 has performed very similar to other SSDs with the same controller. We were able to see very strong 4K performance as well as great sequential speeds. Its PCMark Vantage score reached over 85K, definitely a score of a great performing SSD. PCMark 8’s consistency test definitely put this SSD through its paces. While heavy workload performance was better than that of the Samsung 850 EVO we reviewed last December, its light workload performance follows that of the Patriot Ignite.

PNY CS2111 XLR8 480GB Featured Main

Overall, we are quite impressed with their latest SSD offering. We still would have liked to see a longer warranty without having to register, but, at the end of the day, it offers robust endurance and very good performance. And let’s not forget the flaming tiger design!  For the gamer or enthusiast, no other SSD in the market can compare in terms of looks and because of that, coupled with its strong performance, and excellent value, we are awarding the PNY XLR8 CS2111 with our Silver Seal.

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Great Looks Coupled By High Endurance

PNY's latest SSD is on fire! The drive can not be matched in terms of looks with its flaming tiger graphic design. It is also powered by a Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller and Micron's L95B NAND flash memory to offers robust endurance and performance. If you are on the look for a new SSD to add to your gaming rig or case mod, check this one out!

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  1. blank
    More PCIe Drives PLEASE !

    It would be great if they put their tiger design on a PCIe 3.0 SSD, doubled the DDR3 RAM buffer & abandoned the slow & outdated SATA III Bottleneck.

  2. blank

    Is this for real? “with endurance up to 600TB” I mean the Samsung 1TB is like 320TBW. The PNY is 600TBW?!?!?! Seems too good to be true. (I bought one anyways.) 😀

  3. blank

    Okay, I got mine in the mail the other week. On the back of the box it says “US: Three-year limited warranty or 600TB written to SSD, whichever occurs first. Europe: Three-year limited warranty.” So that is where the 600TB comes from. MLC NAND flash memory is the best way to go! SIX HUNDRED TB!!! Dang! My drive has been performing fine for the past three weeks. No issues setting it up and it is very fast. I have not benchmarked it yet. Get one! You’ll be glad you did!

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    Which SSD is better? PNY CS2111 240 GB or Crucial BX100 250 GB?

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