Plextor M6V SSD (256GB) Review – A Solid Value Entrant


The Plextor M6V is a solid performing entry level SSD. Not all drives need to be flashy and show off throughput at 2.5 GB/s, for an average user you will be amazed at how a simple upgrade can change your life. This SSD is a value option, allowing you to make the upgrade without breaking the bank. You are supplied with a very adequate supply of performance and warranty, all at lower price point. It could, however, be a more aggressively priced to compete against some of the many other value options such as the Crucial BX100 and often on sale Samsung 850 EVO.

Plextor M6V-4

In testing the Plextor M6V it reached read and write speeds of 561MB/s and 357MB/s. It also did fairly well in PCMark Vantage, reaching over 80K points and showed average performance in PCMark 8 consistency testing. We were a bit disappointed with the PlexTurbo failure. While this would have put us over the top with the drive, it’s not overly important. An entry-level user would still be able to install this drive and benefit from its performance, but when you want to start stepping up the performance, you could be limited by this failure.

We know that this is a value-oriented drive, which is becoming an ever increasing trend that we have been noticing, and are not overly a fan of. We understand its purpose, and if this trend can start to bring users over from HDD to SSD, then it has served its purpose. As we have said performance isn’t jaw-dropping, but it’s still an excellent increase from a hard disk drive. Therefore, we are awarding the Plextor M6V with our Silver Seal!


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Plextor M6V

The M6V SSD is Plextor latest entry level offering. While performance isn't jaw-dropping, it still provides great entry-level performance at a decent price.

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  1. blank

    Thanks for the heads up on this. It looks worth a shot if is comes down from the current Amazon and Egg price offerings. I’m not going to hold my breath though since I don’t think of the aggressive pricing you hope for as being a part of the usual Plextor game plan.

  2. blank

    Any idea what the P/E numbers are on these 15nm toggle NAND ?

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