OCZ 120GB RevoDrive PCIe Review – Final Thoughts

In considering the makeup of the OCZ RevoDrive 120GB PCI-Express card, full credit has to go to both SandForce and OCZ for their partnership in bringing the RevoDrive to the consumer. OCZ did their homework in producing a RAID0 SSD that reaches the top performance that consumers demand and then encorporated the SandForce SF-1200 series processor which was a stroke of genius. Only SandForce controllers can maintain top performance and minimize performance degradation over time even without the necessity of TRIM and we are seeing it here for the first time.

The consumer can purchase a RevoDrive for under $200 and get performance results of 540MB/s read and 450mb/S write which has never before been available. As it installs via the PCI-Express slot, this provides availability for another SSD or, more logically, a hard drive for storage of those files that one doesn’t need on a daily basis. The concept hasn’t even reached the ‘drawing board’ of much of the competition, much less the thought of providing an equal product at such a low price point.


At the end of the day, we have to thank OCZ for the opportunity to review this drive and must admit that dreams of Revo x2 are now running through our head. Just how fast can we get anyway?


Pg1 – RevoDrive Overview and Packaging

Pg2 – Components and Installation

Pg3 – Benchmarks

Pg4 – PCMark Vantage & Comparison Testing

Pg5 – Final Thoughts



  1. blank

    I’m using a revodrive x2 100g since the last on a Asus Sabertooth X58 mobo.
    The card at first worked well and very fast, but after sometimes, the EventID 41 Kernel-Power started to occur at one every four or five cold boots, check disk follows.
    Today, almost every day, a cold boot endes up in data corruption and data loss.
    Before the purchase, I did check the card comptibility list on OCZ support forum and was reading many reviews like this one. Now, I feel uneasy when reading this kind of final thougths on such an unstable product !

    • blank

      SITE RESPONSE: It is unfortunate that you have had such troubles and we can only relate our experience on views on same. The Revo card is still installed in our test bench and there hasn’t been any difficulties experience whatsoever. If a thought could be offered… You appear to be a very tech rounded individual and I wonder if it is possible that you have fine tuned your system with a quick shutdown. I mention this because, I have read other complaints of similar when people shut down windows improperly and same occuring. If you have adjusted your registry tweaks for a quicker shutdown, although all seems to be perfect, it could be cutting short the proper closure of services, one of which that might cause the result you are experiencing. In any case, good luck and hope you find the root of the problem.

      • blank

        There is an endemic problem with OCZ and likely all PCI-e based SSDs is that the power to the expansion slot appears to die before Windows is finished doing its shut-down thing. The only solution at this point appears to be to do a re-start as opposed to a shut-down and to turn the computer off when it starts to reboot, before the drive is accessed.

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