OCZ 120GB RevoDrive PCIe Review – Benchmarks

1.  ATTO Disk Benchmark Ver. 2.46

ATTO Disk Benchmark brought in high sequential read and write results of 534MB/s read and 473MB/s write which match right up with their listed specs.

2. Crystal Diskmark x64 ver. 3.0 (oFill)


Enough cannot be said about the importance of the 4k random write score which is the single most important disk access method when considering your visible system upgrade from a hard drive. The result of 93MB/s here is an excellent result.  For a better understanding of this, one of our most popular articles, The Manufacturers Bluff, is linked and discusses the importance of the 4kb random performance results in comparison to the coveted high sequential reads and writes which most look at in their SSD purchase.  If you are going to purchase a SSD, this is the most valuable bit of reading you can find.

3. HDTune Pro Ver. 4.60 “ Benchmark


The key thing to notice about the HDTune Pro result is the access time of .045ms which, on a hard drive, might be a bit slower and around 9-10ms.  Quite frankly, the difference between any solid state drive and a hard drive is about a 90x decrease in the access time of the SSD, or in this case PCIe which provides for the quicker boot times and near instant response in systems equipped with SSDs.  It is almost like the computer knows what program you are about to start before you actually hit the key.

HDTune Pro Ver. 4.60 “ File Benchmark



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