Silicon Power UD70 2TB NVMe SSD Review


We have put the Silicon Power UD70 NVMe SSD beside the best in the business for our true to life data testing.  In this test, we simply place 15GB files representing music, video, pictures and operating systems onto the target drive.  We then copy each file from one place on the target disk to another, recording the time taken for the transfer.

This chart really just demonstrates the difference between PCIe Gen 4 (first four SSDs), MLC (next one), TLC (next three in line) and finally QLC (last two).


The highlight of the UD70 PCIe NVMe SSD is Silicon Power’s improved efforts to maintain a much cooler temperature when really pushing this SSD.  As we stated, we could not push it into thermal throttling so that, in itself, says something.  The UD70 is has performance up to the typical Phison E12 3400MB/s read and 3000MB/s write and comes in a very attractive 2TB capacity.


The UD70 comes with a typical 5-year warranty and, although we found a price point of &189.99 for the 2TB version, it hasn’t hiot the streets yet so we will have to wait to see how that pans out.  price is so key in today’s market and it will make or break success of this, or any SSD.  Gotta admit though…we like what we are seeing so far.

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