KIOXIA XG8 Gen 4 2TB SSD Review – The Best in OEM Storage


UL Solutions has created a new storage gaming benchmark that we will start to use as new SSDs come in.  The 3DMark Storage Benchmark DLC extends 3DMark Advanced Edition with a dedicated component test for measuring the gaming performance of SSDs and other storage hardware. It supports all the latest storage technologies and tests practical, real-world gaming performance for activities such as loading games, saving progress, installing game files, and recording gameplay video streams.

Stay tuned as we do further testing and post product comparisons in the near future.


After completing our testing of the KIOXIA XG8, one thing stood out.  It is too bad that this SSD is not a retail product.  It’s great for the original equipment manufacturer (oem) who can get these in bulk, yet not so great for system builders that take pride in their personal build. This is not a retail product. Not only did the KIOXIA XG8 better its listed specifications with read and write speeds of 7.1GB/s read and 6GB/s write, but also, it placed third of all SSDs tested in both PCMark 10 Quick and Full Benchmarks.


This still wasn’t the XG8 at its best though.  We think that the result of the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Benchmark where the XG8 blew away its competitors at just short of a second quicker speaks volumes when we are usually measuring the difference in tenths of a second.  Looking at overall bench results, the XG8 is not what one would expect from an OEM SSD, and in fact, it’s only downfall is that the consumer cannot get it in their hands to throw in their own systems.  Editor’s Choice!



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  1. blank

    Why KIOXIA refuses to sell via retailers is a mystery. I wish they’d reconsider that.
    This SSD is amazing! The next gen will most likely be even faster, but I’d be completely satisfied with this SSD, as I’m not so sure that the next gen speeds will be noticeable in real-world use in comparison to this.
    Thanks for another excellent review, I always enjoy your SSD reviews..
    P.S. the link to the 2013 Ultrabook review on Page 1 is broken.

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