Crucial T700 PCIe 5 SSD Review – 12.4GB/s Throughput with over 1.6 Million IOPS


UL Solutions has created a new storage gaming benchmark that we will start to use as new SSDs come in. The 3DMark Storage Benchmark DLC extends 3DMark Advanced Edition with a dedicated component test for measuring the gaming performance of SSDs and other storage hardware. It supports all the latest storage technologies and tests practical, real-world gaming performance for activities such as loading games, saving progress, installing game files, and recording gameplay video streams.

3DMark is probably one of the most respected storage tests available for SSD storage and the Crucial T700 Gen 5 2TB NVMe SSD finished with top marks once again.



The Crucial T700 Gen 5 SSD has shown itself to be an excellent introduction to anyone wanting to move to Gen 5 solid state storage.  Its performance highs of 12.5GB/s throughput and over 1.5 million read and write IOPS are the best we have encountered for a single storage medium, much less anything the size of a stick of gum and weighing 10 grams.  The plain facts with respect to storage this fast, however, are that it has to have some type of heat dissipation as moving data this fast just gets real hot.  We could not  test this SSD without a heatsink and one isn’t simply throwing this in to a laptop anytime soon.


Having said that, we are actually alot further ahead than expected as the initial thought process with Gen 5 SSDs was that an active heatsink (fan based) of some sort would be necessary.  That is simply not the case with the Crucial T700 and Phison E26 reference sample, and these SSDs do not require an active heatsink.  They will work just fine with a motherboard incorporated heatsink, Add-In Card (AIC) design as we have with our Test Bench Asus Maximus Hero, or with just about any standard M.2 SSD heatsink available today.  This is really good news.


For now, we can confirm that the Crucial T700’s preliminary test results demonstrate that this SSD will most likely be an industry leading release.  Although we can’t speak to pricing as of yet, we are fairly certain that Crucial’s MSRP and warranty will mimic their past standard of outstanding warranty and customer service coupled with an unbeatable price point. As well, gamers can now possess that push forward they have wanted for so long as we are already seeing games with Microsoft DirectStorage.  Editors Choice!




Crucial T700 Gen 5 NVMe SSD Rating

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Worlds Fastest!

The Crucial T700 Gen 5 NVMe SSD is available in 1,2 and 4TB capacities, hits speeds above 12.5GB/s with over 1.5 million IOPS. Watch for its release!

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    The heart and soul of the of the Crucial T700 is Phison PS5026-E26 Gen 5 8-channel NVMe SSD controller.

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    Can you test it with PCIE4 slot ? It is interesting how much benefits this drive will bring to slower socket. Most people instersted to buy this drive have PCIE4 M.2.

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