Acer Predator GM7000 Gen4 NVMe SSD Review


Admittedly, I am a fan of the Innogrit Ranier SSD controller but, for some reason, it feels like I got a bit of the wind knocked out of me during this review.  Don’t get me wrong.  The Acer Predator GM7000 Gen4 NVMe SSD performed up to spec with a high of 7.1GB/s throughput and over a million IOPS and the SSD would be an absolutely great addition to any gaming system.

Perhaps our hopes got up just a bit high with that Plextor M10P Review where that SSD stoned its competition, just falling behind the Intel Optane DC P5800x.  We even threw the Predator GM7000 into our AMD Test Bench just to confirm that throughput specification of 7400MB/s:


And the heatsink… We are still trying to figure that one out and we are wondering if this was maybe a last minute thought to make this a PS5 viable solution.  We felt it necessary to remove it to get better SSD performance as our ATTO testing caused a throttling of the SSD because of the heat with the factory supplied ‘foam padded’ heatsink.


The Acer Predator GM7000 is an upper tier SSD that is capable of exceeding its listed specs of 7400MB/s read and 6700MB/s write throughput with over 700k read and write IOPS.  It comes with the industry standard 5-year limited warranty and is available in several capacities, including a 4TB version in the future.  Although we are not seeing the pricing of the 2TB version as of yet, this company has done its homework and the prices available at this time are very competitive when compared to other upper tier SSDs.

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Predator GM7000 Gen4 NVMe SSD Ratings

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7400MB/s Speeds!

The Predator GM7000 Gen 4 NVMe SSD is capable of throughput over 7.4GB/s and iops above the 1 mil mark. It comes with a 5-year warranty and an excellent price point.

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