MyDigitalSSD BP4 SSD Review (120GB) – SATA 3 at an Amazing Price


If we were to highlight the most attractive quality of the MyDigitalSSD BP4, it would definitely be its price point.  This SSD can be had, as a new release, at a mere 0.66/GB which was unheard of up until today.  For those considering migrating from a hard drive to a solid state drive and walking that fine line between uncertainty and value, this could be the push you need.  After all, it allows you to experience first hand what we ‘SSD lovers’ have all been saying for some time now, without breaking the bank.

Although it’s PCMark Vantage results were not anywhere near the best we have seen to date, this is only one of the tools in our toolbox.  When all is said and done, the MyDigitalSSD did achieve performance highs of 556MB/s read and 511MB/s write with over 60,000 IOPS in testing.  It is a SATA 3 SSD and did perform as such.

MyDigitalSSD PCB Closer

The question then turns to whether the MyDigitalSSD will suit your needs and this is where many run astray in the SSD world, amazed at the incredible performance metrics advertised on the box and through similar reports.  If you are a professional who can identify specific tasks in your need for an SSD, I might look closely at others but, if you are ‘Joe Consumer’ on a budget and just wanting to upgrade your system and experience that upgrade, this just might be for you.  Let us explain why…

In typical computer use, even the experts cannot identify a visible difference between the best and worst SSD available today.  Most SSDs have an access time (time it takes to get a piece of information) of about 0.1ms and are very similar in that speed.  Considering the access time of a hard drive is somewhere in the area of 9.2ms, logically the SSD is over 90 times faster than a hard drive (on paper).  In the end, you will see an amazing speed increase when comparing the SSD to the original hard drive (especially when your system boots in 15 seconds), however, our educated opinion is that you will never visually see a difference in typical daily use while comparing SSD to SSD.

If you want to understand this a bit better, we have a number of ‘Beginners Articles‘ that have received a great deal of attention and support.

In the end, the MyDigitalSSD BP4 SSD has been fitted with 19nm Toshiba memory and contains the Phison S8 controller, a controller that has been out for some time and has proven worthy of SSD use.  It is one of, if not the most, value driven SSD going and won’t hurt your pocket book a bit.  Like it’s little brother, the 240GB BP4 mSATA SSD that we recently reviewed as well, it is definitely worthy of our Value Award and we would recommend it for those looking to remain very conservative yet enter the SSD scene.

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    Les, thank you for the great review sorry about the part mix up and you are right trying to get the 1st of something out the door does sometimes cause some confusion in all the excitement. Could go without saying but a proper 240GB BP4 is on the way.

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    The most important point about an SSD drive is RELIABILITY, not speed. All these drives perform similar.

    • blank

      Excellent point Conrad but unfortunately, the metric to assess reliability is time itself and that would leave the consumer with very little information to help in their search for an SSD. For our part, we have spoken to reputation of this company which can be considered an indicator of what you are getting for the price.

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