MyDigitalSSD 128GB mSATA SuperCache 2 Caching SSD Review


When we undertook this analysis, we ultimately wanted to determine two things:  First, we wanted to determine how the MyDigitalSSD SuperCache 2 mSATA 128GB SSD performed as a standalone SSD.  Secondly, as it is being marketed primarily as a caching SSD, how does the SuperCache 2 perform in this regard?  Does the FNet HybriDIsk software enable our Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB HDD to attain SSD-like performance?

We would like to give a tip of The SSD Review “Thank You” cap to MyDigitalSSD for providing the review sample and HybriDisk caching software license key.

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As with most any “caching” SSD, the SuperCache 2 can also be used as a standalone SSD.  With ATTO read speeds of up to 545.3 MB/s, the SuperCache 2 is more than competitive.  Write speeds in the 331-363 MB/s range are little light compared to other 128GB mSATA SSD offerings, but are still acceptable. This could be a characteristic of the Phison PS3109 controller, which is only a 4-channel controller. It could be the result of a firmware implementation that is geared towards caching.  At $99.00, which works out to a little over 77 cents per GB, the SuperCache 2 makes for a perfectly adequate mSATA SSD at a competitive price.

When it comes to the caching of our HDD to try to attain SSD-like performance, we are looking at three aspects — boot times, read performance, and write performance. With boot times of 16-19 total seconds being the equal of nearly any SSD, this performance improvement aspect of the SuperCache 2 / HybriDisk software / HDD combo is an unqualified success.

As far as read performance goes, all of our benchmarks of the SuperCache 2 / HyrbiDisk software / HDD combo showed read performance equaling that of many standalone SSDs.  ATTO read performance that peaks at 542.9 MB/s is more than respectable for any SATAIII SSD.

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Unfortunately, the SuperCache 2 / HybriDisk software / HDD combo did not achieve any write performance improvements whatsoever.  Every one of our benchmarks showed this to be the case.  The de facto consumer-level industry standard (and comparison basis) is NVELO’s Dataplex (now owned by Samsung) caching software.  In typical applications, the Dataplex caching software significantly improves both read and write performance, along with boot times.  At this point in time, the FNet HybriDisk caching software pales by comparison.  Here’s hoping FNet can resolve this via a subsequent update or release version.

In conclusion, we have two grades to hand out today:  One for the MyDigitalSSD SuperCache 2 mSATA 128GB SSD itself, and another for the FNet HybriDisk caching software.

MyDigitalSSD’s SuperCache 2 mSATA 128GB SSD is a competitive performer as a standalone SSD.  It displayed excellent read performance, and adequate write performance.  At a competitive price, it can be a good value purchase.  The only real issues we had all appeared to be related to the HybriDisk caching software, and not with the SuperCache 2 mSATA SSD itself.  The SuperCache 2 itself earns a passing grade.

The HybriDisk caching software is two steps out of three in the right direction.  However, in order to be considered a complete caching solution, we need to see improvements in all three areas — boot times, read performance AND write performance.  All three pieces of the caching puzzle are integral to its effectiveness.  Anything less gets a grade of “incomplete”.

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    To see gains in write performance you must enable Maximized mode by un-checking the Enhanced Mode Button. We have told Fnet to please make it so there are options there instead of just un-checking enhanced mode. It will run at full SSD glory if you un-check that button. The reason there is no advantage in write performance while in enhanced mode is because it is actually writing to the HDD. You will see a huge difference in performance after un-checking that box.

    Hope you can update your review. Also SC2 drives can be used as boot drives for more experienced users.


    • blank

      The copy of the HybriDisk software supplied by MyDigitalSSD had the “enhanced mode” checked by default, and it could not be unchecked by the user. We re-downloaded it from the link on the product page and same result.
      MyDigitalSSD is more than welcome to supply an updated version of the software
      that allows the user to uncheck the “enhanced mode”
      and we will be more than happy to re-benchmark it.
      We also need to bear in mind that with caching solutions, the tradeoff of disabling enhanced mode can be a lower level of data protection in the event of a power interruption.

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    Also I don’t know what low density SSD you have available in your arsenal but I am pretty sure that the SC2 puts most low density SSD’s to shame both read and write in sustained and 4k. When you go down to the 64GB, 32GB, and 24GB most other SSD’s are in fact slower than an HDD. The Phison S9 controller is the only controller I know of that can deliver real SSD performance at low densities. The 128GB SC2 is the only example in the line slower than a 2.5″ counterpart while the other densities are in reality the only good option on the market for low density SSD..


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    And one more thing the whole point of this cache drive is to give people with mSATA ports the option of keeping their large spinner for storage while getting SSD speeds vs. their HDD. Both as a cache drive and boot drive. It is not meant to be the next fastest SSD in the world which for the average user doesn’t mean squat because they will definitely be able to tell the difference in speed vs an HDD but could not tell the difference in regular use between this SSD and the fastest SATA SSD around.


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    I am ordering today to try with my new Clevo W230st – will report once it gets here

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    Could you please post a link to Amazon for that “SATA III TO MSATA ADAPTER” ?

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