HGST SSD800MM SAS 12Gbps SSD and LSI SAS 9300-8e HBA Review – LSI and HGST Intro 12Gbps To The World


As with all of our tests, the following tests were performed after a secure erase of the drive. The drive was also conditioned with a predefined workload until it reached steady state.  We also test across the entire span of the drive. delirious



When we were deciding what we could compare this drive to, we were at a loss.  Every SSD we have tested would be half as fast on a good day.  Instead, we pulled the data form our Intel SSD DC S3500 review.  You might recall that we tested 4 S3500s on an “LSI HBA”.  Well, that HBA was the SAS 9300-8e.

For sequential operations, the SSD800MM offers outstanding performance.  At over 1.1GB/s for read operations and 700MB/s for write operations, it easily outpaces other 6Gbps SSDs.  It wasn’t quite powerful enough to match our S3500s.



The SSD800MM is a beast when it comes to small-block, random operations.  You would need eight S3500s to match a single SSD800MM in random write performance.  Random reads are excellent at well, where we could consistently get over 150K IOPS.


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    I’ve long been a proponent of running virtualization environments totally under SSDs. This 12G technology should be the convincer. Would have liked to see some RAID 0 benchmarks run with 4 and 8 SSD units. Curious as to how linear the performance gains would be.

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      This will come in time and obtaining multiple drives for this report was not possible. We always ask as was obvious with our recent Intel and Adaptec/SMART report where we used 24 Optimus SSDs.

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    Other sites already did 12 gb/s weeks ago! Did you guys miss that?

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    Tweaktown and storage review have both already done 12Gbs with the true first 12gbs ssd… the toshiba! This isn’t even the first 12gbs ssd.

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    Three weeks ago….

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