HGST SSD800MM SAS 12Gbps SSD and LSI SAS 9300-8e HBA Review – LSI and HGST Intro 12Gbps To The World


The SSD800MM is housed in a 15mm, 2.5″ aluminum housing.  There are a total of 8 screws holding it all together; 4 holding the top cover and 4 holding the main board to the back assembly.


After taking off the top cover you notice a conductive pad between the NAND and the housing.  Removing the main board exposes conductive pads on the other side of the housing.


The controller is a joint venture between Intel and HGST and has 12 channels.  Next to the controller are two DDR3 DRAM packages from Micron that total 1GB.


Each side of the board has 9 enterprise 25nm MLC NAND packages, for a total of 18.  Each package contains 32GB of NAND for a total of 576GB in our 400GB version.  Large amounts of over-provisioning is common on enterprise SSDs, but at 44%, HGST is on the high side.

Finally, instead of a large bank of surface-mount capacitors, HGST followed Intel’s S3500/S3700 lead with a single through-hole capacitor.


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    I’ve long been a proponent of running virtualization environments totally under SSDs. This 12G technology should be the convincer. Would have liked to see some RAID 0 benchmarks run with 4 and 8 SSD units. Curious as to how linear the performance gains would be.

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      This will come in time and obtaining multiple drives for this report was not possible. We always ask as was obvious with our recent Intel and Adaptec/SMART report where we used 24 Optimus SSDs.

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    Other sites already did 12 gb/s weeks ago! Did you guys miss that?

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    Tweaktown and storage review have both already done 12Gbs with the true first 12gbs ssd… the toshiba! This isn’t even the first 12gbs ssd.

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    Three weeks ago….

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