Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB SATA III SSD Review – Better Value With Incredible Performance


Kingston’s 3K SSDs are presently available at several major retailers. When the dust settles, the 3K should end up a considerably better value than the original HyperX. This is already shown in the heavy weight 3k 480GB at about $200 less than the 5K version, though the smaller sizes are much closer in price.

Kingston’s installation kit is certainly worth the small premium and the included accessories are great for desktop and laptop installs alike. The USB enclosure looks great and the screwdriver is a nice touch. The Acronis migration disk is a bootable CDand the software is arguably the most easy to use migration tool out there.

Kingston’s performance is still at the top of the SandForce heap, just as the original HyperX was, and still is. Speed with both compressible and incompressible alike is great, and low queue depth random read and write performance is exemplary too. Throw in the accessories, lower price, HyperX aesthetics and you get an appealing package, just at a lower cost/GB. How much lower the 3K ends up isn’t clear, but the ability to choose the 3K or 5K versions is a great choice, and one which many enthusiasts will be glad to make. Some will choose the 3K for the same performance at a better price, while others will choose the higher endurance of the 5K.



Kingston has succeeded in giving enthusiasts another compelling choice, one which makes the tradeoff between high endurance and lower price. This would be troubling if the 3K was replacing the original version, but since the two lines will co-exist, this only gives potential buyers more choice. We have decided to award the HyperX with our Editor’s Choice Award in recognition of its aesthetics, price and incredible performance.


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    my kingston sh103s3120g temperature is always at 45C. it’s that ok?i use it in a laptop.

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