KingSpec SATA M.2 NGFF Ultrabook SSD Review (128GB)


Crystal Disk Benchmark is used to measure read and write performance through sampling of highly compressible data (oFill/1Fill), or random data which is, for the most part, incompressible. Performance is virtually identical, regardless of data sample so we have included only that using random data samples.

Kingspec M.2 SSD CDM

Performance seen in Crystal DiskMark is once again pretty consistent with specifications and the low 4K random write transfer speed of 78MB/s is decent as well, although we would like to have seen it a bit higher.


Up until recently, AS SSD was the only benchmark created specifically for SSD testing and it uses incompressible data.  AS SSD, for the most part, gives us the ‘worst case scenario’ in SSD transfer speeds because of its use of incompressible data and many enthusiasts like to AS SSD for their needs. Transfer speeds are displayed on the left with IOPS results on the right.

Kingspec M.2 SSD AS SSD BenchKingspec M.2 SSD AS SSD IOPSAS SSD gives us our first look at drive IOPS and, once again, they come in higher than listed.  A spec that we did not list was that of disk access times at 0.05ms which is extremely fast and verified in this benchmark.

Kingspec M.2 SSD AS SSD Copy Benchmark

Speed and duration of ‘Program’ is probably the lowest we have seen in a while but SATA 3 speeds for the transfer of both ISO and Game files was unexpected, considering again that we always place the JMicron controller in the mid-tier range.


You may not see this for long (and it’s definitely not common) but you get a freebee simply for reading! Over the last little while, we have been assisting with beta testing new benchmark software called Anvil Storage Utilities which is an absolutely amazing SSD benchmarking utility. Not only does it have a preset SSD benchmark, but also, it has included such things as endurance testing and threaded I/O read, write and mixed tests, all of which are very simple to understand and use in our benchmark testing.

Kingspec M.2 SSD Anvil

Once again, we are seeing decent disk access speeds at the low 4K level which is important simply because of the number of file transfers at that size. IOPS, as well, have held up although transfer speeds have dropped a bit.


The SSD Review uses benchmark software called PCMark Vantage x64 HDD Suite to create testing scenarios that might be used in the typical user experience. There are eight tests in all and the tests performed record the speed of data movement in MB/s to which they are then given a numerical score after all of the tests are complete. The simulations are as follows:

  • Windows Defender In Use
  • Streaming Data from storage in games such as Alan Wake which allows for massive worlds and riveting non-stop action
  • Importing digital photos into Windows Photo Gallery
  • Starting the Vista Operating System
  • Home Video editing with Movie Maker which can be very time-consuming
  • Media Center which can handle video recording, time shifting and streaming from Windows media center to an extender such as XBox
  • Cataloging a music library
  • Starting applications


The KingSpec M2B7 reached a high Total Point Score of 64761 points with a high transfer speed of 381MB/s when testing in Window’s Media center which is a decent score considering this is a 128GB SSD. WE did have a bit of a concern with the last result (Application Loading), especially considering disk access speeds have so much bearing on this.

Kingspec M.2 SSD PCMark Vantage


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    Bring us more good news from CES.

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    We got an almost Canadian snow storm here on Cape Cod today. Greta photo! I am still waiting for the Samsung 840 pro m.2 form factor 🙂 Have fun at CES. You are going, yes? Dave

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      Yup…on our way this morning and out of a snow storm. Seems every year we bring more and still don’t have enough bodies to spread out to all evets and appointments.

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        I am really happy for your success! What a fun time that show must be! I will be awaiting the secrets when they can be released 🙂 Dave

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    Any idea where in Canada (if that is where you were) that this particular make/model SSD is available? I am having a difficult time sourcing M.2 2242-form-factor SSD cards that can be purchased here.

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      What size and form factor are you looking for? SATA 3 M.2?

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        Well, this is the best page I have found describing the various physical parameters of M.2 SSD drives:

        On all the various Chromebooks I am aware of — including the new Asus Chromebox I just purchased, only the ‘MyDigitalSSD SuperCache 2 M.2 (SATA)’ is currently mentioned as a (larger) replacement drive, and it is of the ‘2242’ (meaning 22mm wide, 42mm long)’ form factor, with ‘M’ & ‘B’ key SSD edge connectors. To my eyes, that looks like a match to the KingSpec you reviewed in your article above. I can find no online stores selling *any* SSDs with those parameters in Canada, and then saw your article — for a brand that I had never heard mentioned before in this context i.e. KingSpec.

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        Are you looking for a chrome book SSD? If so, we are just about to review a chrome book with the SSD you just mentioned from MyDigitalSSD. We will be replacing the stock SSD with a MyDigitalSSD 128 GB version in a Acer Chromebook.

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    You can buy from MyDigitalSSD directly. I am not aware of another option right now. Also, products not available in Canada are normally purchasable on…at least some.

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    Do Not ever buy any SSD for Kingspec! I bought one from them and after a year it is dead. I have been contacting them for more than 3 months now by email them and trying to call them yet no response from their side! Never ever I will buy a product with shit service again!

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    Did you ever tried this ssd in Lenovo Y510p ? It works on AHCI as a boot drive?

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    ?????????? ??????

    Don’t repeat my mistake, don’t buy anything from Kingspec, especially from aliexpress or ebay. I bought 512GB Kingspec F9 SSD from aliexpress, and it worked just fine, but only for a month. Then it failed completely without any reason, just disappeared in the middle of operation. Never had another SSD fail for me in the first 2 years.
    Of course, since it was bought from China (and confirmed as delivered) – no way to return or replace it

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    I wish i read the comments before. My Kingspec SSD is also dead in just 4 months and they donot reply at all.

    You can read a lot of bad feedback about them on

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    I think the removal of the branding on the flash chips is a red flag. Why would they do this? Probably in order to remove marks that indicate that these are rejected parts or seconds. Since the flash parts are rejects or seconds, the overprovisioning or performance is not as high as on other drives, therefore, the drive will fail sooner or be slower. I would recommend drives from mydigitalssd, they are extremely affordable use either toshiba or micron flash, and they DON’T remove the branding on their chips.

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    I had one of these for around 4 months (the 1TB model) and it started to go slow. Another month and a half later it became painful to write to it (KB/s transfer speed) and the device started to create NTFS errors during writing mainly but errors were also occurring during reads. I have two laptops with 3 SSD devices in each one and this has stood out as being by far the worst performer. I also note that the 1TB M.2 SSD appears to have been removed from the produce offerings. It was painful getting a replacement but it is on its way now as I understand it. Overall have not been impressed with this outcome and fortunately backup everything using Acronis so a disaster was averted.

    Geoffrey, NZ.

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