EDGE Memory diskGO SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Pocket SSD (240GB) Review – Top SSD Speed in a Small Case


Upon first inspection and disassembly of the diskGO Pocket, we found that inside the enclosure was a 240GB Edge Boost Pro mSATA SSD.


The diskGO mSATA SSD features the LSI SandForce SF-2281VB2 controller, which is a very low power controller, that features great performance. We previously saw this particular controller in the ADATA DashDrive Elite SE720.

SSD Edge DiskGo Pocket External SSD Controller

On either side of the PCB, you will find two of Micron’s MLC asynchronous flash NAND modules with the abbreviated memory part number NW289. When we insert this five-digit part number into Micron’s FBGA Part Marking Decoder, we see that the NAND module is MT29F512G08CUCABH3-12:A. Cross-referencing this module number with our SSD Database, we can see that the only other time we have come across this NAND module is in the Solidata K8 1920E 2TB SSD.

SSD Edge DiskGo Pocket External SSD Micron NAND

With a total of four memory modules that each have a capacity of 64GB, the total storage capacity for this SSD is 256GB. This LSI SandForce driven SSD requires 7% to be devoted for over-provisioning and firmware needs, reducing the available storage capacity to 240GB. When finally formatted and the drive is visible in Windows, we can see that the SSD has a final storage capacity of 224GB.

SSD Edge DiskGo Pocket External SSD Sticker Off


As we already know, USB 3.0 is bottlenecked for performance and we are expecting our mSATA SSD to immediately have lower read and write performance. The diskGO Pocket, however, is fully UASP compliant which will reduce that bottleneck significantly.  It may, in fact, make this small device the most power and smallest external storage device in existance. Let’s first start by taking a look at the mSATA SSD’s performance when using the USB 3.0 interface.

SSD Edge DiskGo Pocket External SSD 3


  1. Will the S.M.A.R.T. data be viewable using any mSATA drive,USB port, or S.M.A.R.T. monitoring software, if I were to buy the empty enclosure?

    • Don’t think so, I have yet to encounter a usb enclosure of any type that can rely s.m.a.r.t info. Perhaps one day?

      • On page 3 of the article the S.M.A.R.T. data has been retrieved using crystal disk info 5.5.0. Their are other USB enclosures that can relay S.M.A.R.T. info,but it takes an email or chat session with customer support of the maker to find out.

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