Crucial V4 256GB SSD Review – All Is Not SATA 3 Just Yet


In examining Crucial marketing materials for the V4, one line really stood out which was ‘If you bought a computer before 2011’.  That is the crowd that Crucial is intending to reach with the V4 and, if the price were to hit the right spot, we would have no problem recommending this SSD for the average Joe who is looking for that basic hard drive to SSD upgrade and doesn’t want to fork out an arm and a leg.  Remember now, there are very few people that would ever be able to visibly tell the difference between the best and worst SSDs in typical computer use.

Conversely, if you have specific demanding tasks of your present day system and you are trying to ‘cheap out’ by purchasing this SSD, you are going to be extremely disappointed because it has not been manufactured for anything higher than it being an affordable SSD upgrade for a hard drive contained system. It will do exactly as it is meant to do which is provide a significantly faster start up time and it will show a very visible speed boost in your every day computer use. Think about it though.  If your computer start time is reduced from over a minute to 15 seconds alone, is it not worth the investment?

As for pricing,  we haven’t got the best news here as we have seen the Crucial M4 at lower prices than we are seeing for the V4 during sale periods.  Now, lets keep in mind that the V4 is a new release and the good news is that it is available at prices that we are typically seeing today, these being the 128GB SSDs under $100 and the 256GB SSDs under $200. That is a good thing.


If you are looking to migrate from a hard drive to an SSD and your system is one of 90% of the SATA 2 systems out there, the Crucial V4 SSD will provide a very visible upgrade to your computer. Crucial was one of the first out of the gate with SSDs and have built a rock solid reputation for customer service and reliability.  Pricing is as expected for new releases SSDs, however, don’t be afraid to check back and click our Amazon link to see if the Crucial V4 SSD fits your bill.

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  1. They sold a Indilinx barefoot controlled M225 had similar performance to this drive even at sata2, can’t understand the thinking behind this drive at all. Phison ere great controllers anyway. Have a good day Les.

  2. Missed a few letters there, meant to say Phison weren’t great controllers anyway. Where’s the edit button.

  3. How about doing a summary of the best SATA2 SSDs, if one needed one today?

  4. I’m afraid I’ve gotten a little lost in the technical details here, if someone doesn’t mind helping a brother out! I have a 2008 white Macbook (SATA) and want to upgrade to SSD. Is there a reason why I would pick the V4 over the M4 if not for a slightly cheaper price at this time? Or is there some reason I should consider the M4 over the V4? And, do I need any special mounting hardware or will it plug into the existing slot in my laptop?

    • m4 is sata3 which is backwards compatible with sata 2. sata 2 itself is backwards compatible with Sata1. if your mac is sata1 you should go with v4 and not m4

  5. I’ve just purchased thw 256GB model and installed as an OS drive on my Macbook and it has worse performance than a HDD. Try multitasking with real world use and you’ll see how dire the drive is.

  6. The V4 256gb version is HORRIBLE at multitasking and cannot perform a replay service which is a relatively lite read sample, smoothly! I am hugely disappointed with this ssd.

  7. I was shocked at the performance of this V4 SSD. It is very similar to a spinning HDD and is the slowest SSD I have encountered. Shame on Crucial for ever releasing such a dullard.

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