Corsair Performance Pro SATA 3 256GB SSD Review – Marvell Controller With a Punch


A great deal of credit has to go to Corsair for their decision to revisit and fine tune the Marvell 9174 controller because it is the star of the show here.  Its performance surpasses just about every other SSD we have tested in random, or incompressible, data testing and Marvell does so by making the 9174 controller price very attractive to manufacturers who can then pass this on to the consumer.

With the street price of $219 and $419 today, we are seeing prices $70 and $130 below that of original MSRP for a drive that was just released. Add to this the fact that Corsair has chosen to stay with premium Toshiba Toggle Mode NAND, of the 32GB capacity much yet, and this is a very good sign of the times.

The question then becomes one of whether an educated consumer will select the SSD with better performance results when transferring large files or the SSD that can transfer large amounts of incompressible data such as music, movies and photographs at a very quick speed.  This is where some should look closely at their needs.  For the typical consumer, however, there will be no visible performance increase or decrease whatsoever and that is when the pocketbook is watched closely.

Myself, I am very impressed with both the performance of the Corsair Performance Pro SSD as well as its price.  It is simple a win-win and definitely worthy of Editors Choice.

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    So is this recommend over the Crucial m4?

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    I just bought this drive for my Late 2011 13″ MacBook Pro….all I can say is…WOW!!! This thing flies and we don’t have to worry about any SandForce controller issues. Go Marvel & go Corsair!!!

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    Hey Les nice write up as always. Just wanted to correct one mistake.

    The drive uses two 128MB not two 256MB. (specs are on page 8 of the Nanya whitepaper NTC-DDR3-2Gb-B-Device-R11.pdf

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