Corsair Force LX SSD Review (256GB) – A Great Budget-Friendly SSD


Well, when first comparing the performance of the Corsair Force LX to the PNY Optima SSD, you can see that they are pretty much the same. We can see slight differences when it comes to the different benchmark tests (I.e., the Corsair SSD had a higher Vantage score, but the PNY SSD had a higher ASU score), and since the drives are practically identical in construction, we can just assume that it is the firmware that accounts for the  slight performance difference. Regardless, both of the drives still perform very well when you consider that they are your first option when looking to replace your hard disk drive.

 Corsair Force LX SSD short pcb

What really sets the Corsair Force LX SSD above the rest is the price point, costing merely $0.50/GB is quite amazing, especially considering that our comparison to the PNY SSD mentioned above is $100 more for the same capacity at the time of launch (since then we have seen a drop in price for the PNY SSD). While we may not see the Corsair Force LX SSD drop any lower in price immediately, it is still exceptional to see such a low MSRP right off the bat for a brand new solid state drive. The only thing we would have liked to have seen with the Force LX is a few goodies, such as a 3.5″ drive bay adapter or a SSD Toolbox software, for example.

Corsair Force LX SSD

To conclude, the Corsair Force LX SSD is a great option when first looking to replace that rigidity old hard drive in your system, as it features very consistent performance that will well exceed that of a HDD. To top it all off, you can get this drive for a mere $129.99. Hence why awarding the Corsair Force LX with our Top Value award is an easy choice!

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Top-Value SSD!

The Corsair Force LX solid state drive and the new Silicon Motion controller perform exactly how they should for an entry-level SSD. It would have been nice to have had a few goodies thrown in as well, but it's hard to go wrong with a price point this amazing!

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  1. This seems to be the best for those on a budget, thanks for the neat review!

  2. These will still be a tough sell as long as dealers are still selling the older 32nm toggle NAND SandForce SSDs like the Mushkin Enhanced for the same price. Much higher P/E cycles and write speeds that are twice as fast.

  3. I had Corsair 120GT which died, and i have change it for corsair 256gb LX, I can say that it is better than 120gb GT, better write speeds….

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