Comay Venus 3 SATA 3 240GB SSD Review


The Comay Venus 3 SATA 3 SSD family is yet another of the long arm of ‘SandForce Driven’ SSDs and it’s performance is as we would expect it for a typical LSI SandForce controlled SSD.  Realized performance above 500MB/s for both read and write and IOPS above 80,000 has become their trademark and, if the number of SSD companies that have become partners with LSI SandForce is any indication, LSI SandForce is a wise choice for a first entry into the SSD world.

Our only concern with respect to performance was the relatively low Vantage score which, in all honesty, is a great score when considering that it has surpassed the 60,000 point plateau of PCMark Vantage which is right of passage for all new generation SATA 3 SSDs.  After all, the difference between the top and bottom of the group is only 12,000 points which isn’t all that large of a gap considering.

We would also hope that CoreRise/Comay does a bit more to reach the consumer as they have some distinct characteristics in their products (power loss and data protection) that we would normally only see in an enterprise drive and this may appeal to many consumers in their purchase.  Something else that might appeal would be the price.  Just prior to our review, we received this in an e-mail:

blankTo me, the thing that stands out most in this chart is the price of the 240GB SSD; $250.  Thats an absolutely amazing price for a SF-2281 controlled SSD using Intel premium NAND flash memory.  Warranty states here that it is two years but CoreRise lists it at three so we think this might just be a misprint.

All in all, very nice SSD CoreRise/Comay and thank you Synetic Inc. for allowing us the opportunity to take a look at it.


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    Those prices are factory prices with MOQ’s of 100 Units. You can add 50-60% at least onto that for RRP.

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    The prices are not manufacturer prices and the are not for 100 MOQ. These are reseller prices with option for additional discount/rebate based on quantity. You can buy of each one of these directly from Synetic Inc.

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