Wise Type B 2TB & PRO 160/640GB CFExpress Memory Card Review – Understanding the Capacity/Sustained Write Trade Off


As with just about every storage report these days, we get some great shots of several different graphs but what does it all mean?  Let’s be honest.  For the most part, all the synthetic testing validates the listed specifications of the manufacturer.  With several capacities, we also learn that better performance comes from larger drives and that’s what we see in the 2TB Wise CFExpress Type B Card which brought in performance of 1733MB/s read and 1529MB/s write…some of the best numbers seen to date for CFExpress synthetic benchmarks.  ATTO is the manufacturers bread and butter for determining their listed specs, but something we like to see is a steady performance progression as sample sizes increase.  It’s the mark of a rock solid flash product and all three Wise Cards displayed just that.

As for our more specific testing, temperature tests resulted in the 60s for the 640/2TB cards and was a bit higher at 75°C for the 160GB capacity…as it should be for a smaller card.  Sustained write performance was dynamite for the 640GB Pro at 1400MB/s and the 160GB Pro at 1300MB/s, but it was somewhat less attractive for the 2TB capacity at 380MB/s, and this was confirmed in its True Data Testing placement.  During our initial discussions with Wise, they weren’t keen on having the regular and Pro cards tested side by side but… we see it in another fashion.  If you are a photographer who does little video, as I, and have a camera capable of 20 shots a second at 45MB per shot, that 2TB card is just about a dream come true.  And it will fit that task perfectly for so many multi-day events where tens of thousands of shots are taken.


So say your main gig is video.  That’s where you need to understand the beauty of sustained writes because too many have bought high capacity cards for video, not realizing that high capacity and high resolution just don’t mix…because of the low sustained write performance of that card. In order to achieve sustained write performance as we have seen here of 1400MB/s transfer speed, there needs to be some very effective firmware along with a very large chunk of NAND used to over-provision, this increasing endurance and sustained write performance significantly. The 640GB sample is most likely a 1TB CFExpress card overprovisioned.

Last but not least, the True Data Testing for the Wise 160/640 GB Pro cards was just about the best we have seen to date and we hope to see a more diverse availability as even the 2TB version wasn’t seen on Amazon at all.  Likewise, we feel the 2-year warranty should be upped just a bit.  All in all… Great cards worthy of our Gold Seal and hope to see mass availability soon!

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Wise CFExpressB 160/640GB Pro Memory Card Rating

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Amazing Sustained Write Performance!

Built to enhance their ever popular 2TB CFExpress B card, Wise has added a Pro line that has amazing sustained write performance tested as high as 1400MB/s.

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    Les, In the second paragraph you state the Canon EOS R5 can capture photos at 20 per minute. This should actually state 20 per second. From Canon’s website: “EOS R5 camera features a selectable electronic (silent) shutter mode, and can capture images at up to 20 fps”.

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    Awesome. Thank you for the review! Looks like I know what to get between the three CFx-B card; ProGrade Digital Cobalt 650GB, Delkin Devices Black 512GB and Wise advanced Pro 650GB.
    Delkin devices Black 512GB looks like a clear winner in terms of performance and operating temperature follow by ProGrade’s and then Wise’s.

  3. blank

    “The 640GB sample is most likely a 1TB CFExpress card overprovisioned.”
    I would challenge that assumption, as it makes more sense that the 640GB card is actually a 2TB card with overprovisioning. Multiply 640GB (or 660GB for some other manufacturers) by three and you get near enough to 2TB. Additionally, notice how 2TB and 640GB are the highest capacity cards in each product series, meaning that they probably have the same nand chip quantity and density.

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