Lexar Professional 512GB CFexpress Type B Card Review (512GB)



To date, the Lexar Professional has one of the highest temperatures seen in a CFexpress card, but this hasn’t curbed their performance, sales or reputation.  We were able to reach a maximum speed of 85°C with some effort and it never throttled, much as the SanDisk Extreme Pro does at 65°C.  Our testing consists of moving 85GB of 8K video onto the card, much like the R5 would store 8K video simultaneous to recording.


We test sustained write performance by moving a 85GB 8K file folder from one place on the CFexpress card to another.  The Lexar Professional has sustained performance of just under 1GB/s which is excellent.


For our Real World File Transfer, we move four folders of video, music, photos and OS files from one place on the CFexpress card to another.  The Lexar Professional once again had decent transfer speeds.


Lexar is one of the best names in the media business and has been for many years.  They were one of the first to manufacture CFexpress cards with performance specs up to 1750MB/s which is still the top read speed to date.  Their sustained write speeds of just under 1GB/s validate that this card will do an excellent job in any camera out there, professional, pro-sumer or consumer. Pricing is a bit high for what we are seeing in other cards, but right on par with the SanDisk Extreme Pro which is this cards direct competition.

From an industry standpoint, we are just now seeing other manufacturers marketing newer cards with an optimized firmware to the benefit of temperature and performance.  Perhaps we will see same at some time in the future from Lexar.  Lastly, if there is any hesitation whatsoever, Lexar includes a limited lifetime warranty which is still not all that common in the storage industry.

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Lexar Professional CFexpress Type B 512GB Card Ratings

Product Build
Lifetime Warranty
Pricing and Availability

High Capacity.

The Lexar Professional CFexpress Type B Card has high performance, high capacity, a lifetime warranty and decent pricing with a 1GB/s sustained write speed.

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