Bootable VROC RAID0 and 4x Intel Optane 800P SSDs


The AJA Video Systems Disk Test is relatively new to our testing and tests the transfer speed of video files with different resolutions and Codec.

The AJA System Disk Test provided a decent result as well although the read transfer speed was just a bit lower than expected.


Last but not least, we wanted to take a run at the four Intel Optane 800P SSDs in a typical OS RAID using the VROC driver.  We were actually quite impressed, remembering of course that this configuration is not bootable and could only be used as a secondary drive.

We were a bit surprised at this result as the OS RAID, using the same VROC drivers, provided a result 2500 points higher than the VROC bootable RAID.  Even more appealing is the fact that we reached the 1 million IOPS plateau with the OS RAID.  This is one dynamite secondary RAID volume and very well could be the lowest price one might pay to hit this performance.


We can count ourselves just a bit lucky as Intel’ original planning for VROC did not include solutions at the consumer and enthusiast motherboard level.  Having this technology trickle down allows us a bit more flexibility in determining our system needs, but more importantly, it can be a huge benefit for businesses functioning at the workstation and server level. For someone building a system from scratch, we would think this to be an excellent option as selecting the appropriate X299 motherboard with VROC is not any more expensive than other motherboards, and one can choose to build such a VROC RAID strictly for the data transfer speed needed in their work activity.  This is a definite plus for those working in media that are working in 8K files of massive size.

Pricing of such a solution will be something that raises a lot of eyebrows.  We expect ASRock to price the Ultra Quad M.2 Card we are using here around $70.  Now, if we see the 58GB capacity of the 800P come in at MSRP of $129, this becomes the most powerful storage solution available for the money.  Consider it.  You can have a bootable VROC RAID0 boot drive configuration that is capable of performance of 5.8GB/s read and 2.5GB/s write throughput with over a half million read and write IOPS at under $500.  Better check Amazon! Now that’s a great price! It is also one that can be achieved by any stretch of the imagination right now.  Kudos to both Intel and ASRock for making this possible; this configuration very deserving of our Innovation Award.  Check out our links below for consideration of your build.

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