ADATA SX300 128GB mSATA SSD Review – LSI SandForce Performance In Top Capacities


The ADATA SX300 is yet another great SSD addition into the mSATA community and its use of the LSI SandForce FSP has resulted in it being a top tier mSATA SSD. Although we have yet to confirm the NAND flash memory in use, the combination of controller and memory has resulted in great performance and, in fact, some of the best we have seen yet for mSATA SSDs in PCMark Vantage.  The SX300 fell just short of the MyDigitalSSD SMART mSATA SSD which was only natural as they are both technically the same SSD in different capacities.

The next advantage of the SX300, in comparison to all other mSATA SSDs except the MyDigitalSSD SMART, is the fact that ADATA markets it at typical binary capacity points which means the consumer gets 7% more user storage than other SSDs that use the LSI SandForce controller.  In times when SSD storage space is still a highly sought after commodity, ADATA has made a very smart marketing move in the SX300.


ADATA’s pricing model is really our only and we look at the prices as we find them today, and in this case at Amazon.  The 256GB price of $320 is definitely on the high mark and we would definitely recommend it being brought down significantly considering competitor pricing for similar drives is running $223 – $279 with an average of about $240.  The 128GB SX300 is now $157 which is again the highest, however, it is closer to the MyDigitalSSD SMART mSATA which is it’s twin.  The Crucial M4, however, sits at $119 which is very encouraging.


All in all, the ADATA SX300 is one of the top performing mSATA SSDs on the market and has the benefit of that extra 7% capacity when being compared to other LSI SandForce variants.  Pricing could be somewhat lower but we are still in a period where pricing fluctuates quickly and supply and demand is such that the mSATA SSD cannot yet keep up to consumer demand.  You just have to love that we are seeing this performance though in a device that weighs all of 7 grams!

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and since they are physically the EXACT same SSD…

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    How are you able to use Anvil Storage Utilities RC1.
    Both RC1 and RC2 have expired and no longer working.
    Only RC3 works for me

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    Not sure if you get notifications for comments in your other reviews, but I was hoping you could shed some light on the differences between this and the MyDigitalSSD drive. I know you could not identify the memory modules on the latter, any progress in that aspect? Other than possibly the memory chips and warranty, do the firmware updates differ? Are there any other things I might have missed?

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    hi can i know sx300 or m4 128gb is better?

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