TCS Proteus Plus 256GB Military/Industrial Ruggedized SSD Review


HD Tune Pro 5.00 has a variety of benchmarking tools. While many are useful mostly for mechanical HDDs, it possesses some great benchmarks for SSDs, too. The main benchmark graphs latency (in milliseconds) and throughput (MB/s) over every physical area on a drive. If this were a HDD, youd see the latency and throughput drop as the read or write speed gets tested from the beginning of the drive to the last. The bottom represents capacity.

HDDs rotate, so the outer edges cover more area than the inner edge which leads to performance stair-stepping down. With SSDs, no such limitation exists, but there are variations in read and write performance from the first GBs to the last.


We’re testing with a larger-than-default block size (1MB) in HDTune, and it serves to show that the Proteus Plus would excel in sequential workloads, especially when the transfer size trends larger. The Proteus would excel in video recording tasks, that is, if your video recording happens to be taking place in a less than gentle environment.


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    Interesting. I’m curious as to why these ‘military’ units aren’t moistureproofed and dustproofed. There’s a gap at the SATA connector that would let in either.

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    TCS offers several options to improve resistance to moisture and dust. We offer conformal coating of the PCB with either silicone, urethane or Parylene coating. We also offer a sillicone gel fill of the entire SSD, which makes the unit waterproof. We often demonstrate such a drive sitting in a fish tank at tradeshows. The gaps you note around the connector are filled with RTV before the “tub” is filled with the gel.
    The gel is not removable, so as Christopher notes it would have interfered with their abillity to review the drive.

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      Christopher Ryan

      If the Proteus Plus had been fully optioned out, I wouldn’t have been able to get the drive apart without an anvil, crowbar, blowtorch, and probably a shotgun.

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    Um, “as it’s SATA II interface “. It’s = it is. Please take the time to get basic apostrophe usage right. No matter how thorough your review might be, if you get basic English like this wrong, it makes me wonder what else you overlooked.

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    Indilinx eh? Is that the Barefoot 3 or something more ominous. lol

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