OWC Mercury Elite Pro 2TB External Storage Quick Look With Both SSD and HDD Performance Tests

Installation of the PNY SSD was quick and easy.  WE just removed the two screws from the base, two on the sides holding in the HDD, replaced the HDD with the PNY SSD and we were off.

Our next two tests were done with ATTO Disk Benchmark to which the USB 3.0 results are left and eSATA right.  Clicking on any of our benchmarks or pictures will result in a larger, higher resolution image.


We would always love to see SATA three speeds break through and, considering this, it might be nice to see this unit set up with Thunder Bolt in future revisions.  Last but not least we, we thought we might like to see what kind of low 4K random write performance is possible through the Mercury Elite Pro and ran a quick Crystal DiskMark test which really wasn’t that bad.  It definitely isn’t what we are used to seeing today but for external storage, there’s simply no going wrong with that.


For a storage geek, the thought that we have advanced so far that we can create such a compact external storage medium for 4TB of data is incredible.  For Mac lovers, this unit is 100% compatible and matches that MacBook silver to a tee.  Myself, it was nice finding yet another medium that could be configured to utilize SSDs.

This runs parallel to the OWC Mercury Helios Review we did a few weeks back where we got to configure it with a $3000 plus Intel 910 PCIe data center SSD and watched it push some amazing performance numbers.  Gotta love stuff like this, especially with Frankenstorm now having hit a few hours east and about to knock on my door.   Who ever thought of the term the ‘perfect storm’ anyway?

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  1. blank

    with all things considered, I don’t think I would trade out the 2TB just for the performance. I feel like its a case of “size does matter”.

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